The Late Birthday Present Dilemma

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Over the holidays, I’d often see an interesting item on the internet and I would be like, “I WANT THAT! Does anyone still want to give me a late birthday present?”.
So when Uncle B (yes, we call him that – he should be Pak Su, really) actually asked me what I wanted for a late birthday present, I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know what to answer – which is not the best thing in the world because:

a) He practically swims in wealth because he is a pilot. (UPDATE: Shhh, this was my perception at the age of sixteen)

b) He won’t question anything I want to buy. My Auntie offered to buy a birthday gift last year but she rejected my pleas for Iron Man: Extremis and was really concerned about me because she thought it was ‘for children’.
c) He’s getting married, In Shaa Allah on December the 22nd. Which means he is still a bachelor now. Before he has to tanggung his wife and kids I might as well take advantage, no? Hahah. I’m kidding. Really.

My first thought went to sandshoes. Converse Unbleached White Hi Top Chuck Taylors, to be precise. Tak boleh panjang lagi ke nama? Exactly like the Tenth Doctor’s shoes. I’ve been wanting them for a while now – was planning to buy them with my PMR money, actually, but somehow I decided to buy an Instax instead. Well, the leftover money was enough to buy sandshoes, actually, but all of it went to my bank account and what with not being at home and everything I never got to buying them. And I finished up the bank account money for boring stuff like Taekwondo fees and groceries (okay, junk food, more like) during maktab outings. After Raya, I brought all my Raya money back to the maktab so that it would always, always, always be with me and my parents couldn’t do anything with it. But during the car ride back, Dad questioned me on where I put my Raya money and I felt bad about lying. So I ended up giving almost all of it to him. And he put it in my Tabung Haji. And believe me, when money goes into my Tabung Haji, it never comes out. Ever. Even when Mum says it’ll only be there temporarily. I’m pretty sure the only time anything will ever come out of it is when I actually go to Haji when I’m forty plus (my name is on the waiting list!). In Shaa Allah.

I literally don’t have (appropriate) shoes right now. Before I went to MRSM, I only had Bata black PVC shoes (for some reason I thought they were classy and I DON’T KNOW WHY, I was fourteen, and Sarah Nur Aina – and a few others, I believe – criticised them). Then I bought a pair of grey shoes from XES for prep. Every time I came back home, I’d bring those shoes along because I definitely did not want to wear school shoes (turns out the uniform attire for MRSM included black PVC shoes). Now they are ugly and worn and Mum threw them away, with my approval, because I thought I could easily get a pair of new shoes. Tapi setakat ni, berapa kali je aku pergi shopping complex cuti ni. Tu pun selalu lupa nak beli kasut. Bila ingat pun, mesti takde kasut yang sesuai. SO GUESS WHAT, PEOPLE. I WEAR MY SCHOOL SHOES EVERYWHERE. TO SHOPPING MALLS AND TO TUITION AND TO RESTAURANTS. Good thing they’re not white canvas shoes, eh? Oh wait, I went to Nabilah’s aunt’s wedding yesterday and wore a pair of fancy shoes I bought from Renoma during the hols – most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned – but they were bought specifically for Uncle B’s wedding (or just weddings, I guess).

Other than that, I wear my school shoes. Bapak glamour! Even for Raya Haji.

Around two months ago, I was on holiday in KL, came across a Converse store in Mid Valley and went in there dengan muka tak malu just to Instagram a pic of the sandshoes. ALLONS-Y!

Anyway, I decided against sandshoes because I wouldn’t even be going out that much since I go to boarding school and chances are I’d outgrow the shoes before they become old and battered. I mean, come on, I want to catch the eye of fellow Whovians at college.

WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU CALLING THEM SANDSHOES, ARIFAH? Because the Eleventh Doctor did, hahah. In the 50th anniversary special when he met the Tenth (who denied that they were sandshoes). It’s a British term for plimsoll shoes.

Speaking of shoes, I’d love a pair of high heels but I can’t be bothered to get myself a pair because I run a lot and I have bad balance. BUT THEY LOOK SO CLASSY AND THEY GO CLICK CLICK. Haih. Fortunately, my Mum has a pair of red ones that just barely fit me, which I’ll get to borrowing sooner or later.

(Get me River Song’s high heels for my seventeenth birthday, will you?)

So uh, I thought of ordering button badges in bulk instead. By some miracle I found a company that lets you personalise different designs for every badge. I was super-excited at first and started venturing the whole world wide web for designs. Mostly fandom stuff.

I’ve been collecting badges since the age of 11, if you didn’t know! Collecting is a splendid part-time hobby, in my opinion – it gives you a sense of accomplishment. You also develop patience and persistence. It also makes you break all your boundaries, because if I wasn’t a badge collector, I’d be all picky with badges and throw free ugly ones away but because I am, I keep every single one I can. Even really irrelevant ones, the ones that have nothing to do with me. The number has definitely increased since I took the picture below, but I do not have the energy to snap an updated picture. Unfortunately, the more interesting badges aren’t in this photo because I left them at the maktab (I snapped this during some short hols). Right now, I have 70. I’m not even kidding. Awh. I am really proud of my badge collection, though! I have free smiley face badges to pretty costly Hogwarts House pins.

But at some point I felt like… is this really worth it? Will this benefit me much? So I just put my answer on hold.

I’ve been thinking about my Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet for a while, a gift back in Year 5 for getting 5A’s for finals. Between sounding spoilt and boastful, I choose boastful. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get it for simply getting 5A’s! But it was because I hadn’t been to a Malaysian school in almost two years and for my first test back in March or something, I got 1A and 4C’s. Plus, I was taking UPSR the year after.

I abandoned it for quite a while after concluding that it was easier to colour with a mouse. But just now I found my ol’ tablet in the deep, dark corners under my bed. And it still works! I bought it five years ago, man. Unfortunately, the pen is missing. And I know I only gave up on my tablet because of my lack of knowledge of digital art at the time and my lack of motivation. So I asked Uncle B for a replacement pen I found on eBay. I’ve never actually bought anything online before. Not directly. Technically, this isn’t direct either but it’s as direct as I can get. Who knew a frickin’ pen could be so expensive? Not as high-priced as sandshoes or badges in bulk, though.

Come to think of it, the pen is a waaay better choice than the sandshoes or the badges. It will actually allow me to express artistic freedom and result in me being a productive human being who will experiment more with anatomy and expressions and Photoshop effects. Maybe it’ll even help in making portfolios for college applications since I’ll probably go for the creative industry. Whatever the case, I can’t wait to get the pen, and get my creative juices flowing in. Because so far, 2013 was a lot of things, including The Year I Only Made Around Ten Digital Coloured Drawings. May this never happen again. Amin.

P.S. I’m gonna save up for a fancy-schmancy camera, something I’ve been wanting since Year 6.

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