Last Day of Form 4

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Late post. I wrote half of it a few days after I came back for the hols but left it incomplete for weeks.

7th November, 2013 was my final day of my NOT-honeymoon school year. I burnt the midnight oil because Bi, De, Sy, Nan and Nab were discussing ledgers and equities in my room (they still had Accounts Paper Two to go), and I definitely wasn’t going to deal with that. Instead, I blasted music on my MP3 player and did my laundry manually for what probably is going to be the last time this year. I went to GS 2nd because three of the sinks at GS 1st were occupied, and one was out of order, and I avoid ‘after’-ing people at all costs. “Nak after?” is an every day phrase here – whether it’s for ironing or washing clothes or bathing or spoons or novels or stationery. I couldn’t stand that phrase at first but… when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I even nearly said that to my brother. But yeah, I’d rather venture to different floors than ‘after’ people, because I despise waiting and I am not close with my floormates. I never go to GS Ground as an alternative, though. I don’t know why. It gives a strange vibe. However, I always go down to visit Ay and Dar.

Afterwards, I made a trip to the Bilik Rek(reasi) and found Ay and Hu there, going through pictures from At’s camera. I went back upstairs when Shk came into the picture and decided to watch some Korean reality show with Ay. The corridor lights of GS 1st were already out by then. Dulu, GS Ground dengan GN Ground je skema nak tutup lampu koridor (awal pulak tu…). But then the wardens got mad, so the rest of the floors put the corridor lights out by midnight. I then ironed my school clothes and my deep pink baju Raya – no matter how sleepy I am, I will iron before I go to bed because I can’t be bothered to wake up before 5:55 in the morning just to compete with the majority who iron during early hours. When I went back to room 111, all my roommates were already in Slumberland.

My last night in the maktab for this year. I was gonna miss Roomie #1, Nan, with her neat freak-ish ways (baju dalam almari, buku kat rak mesti lurus je), her love for Nutella, studies 28/7 (which frustrates me to no end), and her gadis Melayu terakhir persona. Then there was Roomie #2, Nab, who likes depressing novels and always has interesting stories to tell (especially about her baby brother), though she has not been in the room much lately ever since she got a post in the BWP (student representative council) and a place in the exchange program to Japan. Lastly, Roomie #4, Bi, who converted Room 111 into ‘tumpuan segala pedagang’ because she’s treasurer (it actually has some other fancy name but I can’t remember) for Persatuan Usahawan Muda (mind you, the PUM is very active). She is the other new Form 4 in the room, my ex-classmate and my homeroom buddy, and she misses me. Ahahaha. For some reason, she always has a load of laundry to do. I fell asleep in the midst of tweeting about the night.

Bi woke me up, as usual. She always insists on waking me (and the other two) up at unnecessary times even though she knows we almost never get up before 5:55. I think all three of them rose early for last-minute cramming, though – I can’t remember. But they all showered and changed into their school clothes, whereas I didn’t shower and changed into a normal baju kurung (okay, it was pretty fancy because it was my baju Raya). I wanted to experience the emotion of tegang-ing my cadar for the last time, but in the end it was too frustrating to straighten so I simply ripped it off and stuffed it in the locker. Afterwards, there was solat berjemaah for Subuh as usual (though many girls opt to pray alone in the dorms before that), and bacaan Yaasin because of SPM. The cleanliness roll call and the morning roll call had been cancelled, so everyone just went to eat breakfast at the DS. I’m pretty sure they served egg sandwiches (which I do not favour, so I did not eat) and us Bio-only kids went to line up at the space between the aspura and the aspuri, but not before snapping a Polaroid ramai-ramai at the aspuri stairs (I don’t even know whose Instax it was).

Then Ustaz Zaidi, only wearing t-shirt and kain pelekat, told us we had to get our stuff out in the span of an hour and forty-five minutes, then go to the PSP (Pusat Sumber Pembelajaran) to return our textbooks, then sit for our Seni exam. And so we did. I headed to my floor, GS 1st, and began throwing everything in bags and bringing them out of the aspuri. Luckily, I was early enough to ‘chop’ a spot where my stuff wouldn’t kena hujan. Ya Allah, it was exhausting. I was so tired and sweaty and my hands were very lenguh. And I already packed some stuff beforehand during the past week. I must have packed more than twenty bags (of various sizes, of course) – I have a LOT of stuff. I also had to bring down a small bookshelf. For some reason, Fy and I were the only ones on our floor even though Qam and Shq should’ve been there. God knows where they went (they did arrive though, after a while). Nan, Nab, Bi, Qoy, Re, Ra and De were all taking Accounts. Fortunately, I had the time to take a quick bath and change into my (thankfully) readily-ironed school clothes. But only because the female wardens came way after the supposed time limit to check the aspuri.

Alright, before I get all emotional, I’ll post pictures of my room pre-last day of school.


My bed


View from entrance (ASAL CAMERA AKU SILAU DOH?)


Senarai penghuni, on the exterior of the divider wall


View from my bed


Another view from my bed



Yeah, I just spammed you with pictures, but let me be, because it was SO hard to find a time when all three of my roommates were gone, I was appropriately dressed, and the room looked spick and span. ‘Cause most of the time it looks terrible.

My locker looked so strange – it was empty, and my mattress was bare, whereas the other three beds and the other three lockers look the way they always do (during school hours, that is). No more Polaroids of my family and friends (and a strap saying “ENGINEERING” indicating my class name, when I was forced to become a model for the theme ‘village’ for the Fashionista slot of Semester One’s Minggu Aktiviti) decorating the insides of the locker doors, none of my clothes not-so-neatly folded, no colourful baju kurungs hanging, no deodorant and no comb and no dictionaries and no novels and no air zam zam and no Coklat Minda placed on the upper compartment. No food supply on top of the locker, nor religious reading material and my huge, forest green copy of the translation of the Qur’an. No apple green towel hanging at the side of the locker. Beside my locker, no lime green bekas of toiletries placed in my neon green bucket (Okay, enough with the green, Arifah!), usually on a pile of dirty clothes. No bookshelf holding probably a hundred books – mostly schoolbooks, and art supplies. And then, my bed. No more green bedsheets or green pillow or green bolster with cartoon bees. (God, what is it with green?) What used to be my space in GS 111 were now devoid of life and personality. No signs at all that I had used them for almost nine months. Lastly, I took my corkboard-but-not-really (I don’t know what the material is, it’s sort of like polystrene but less annoying, and I bought it for RM5 at Daiso), my Doctor Who quote-about-good-things-and-bad-things poster, and a hadith I pasted on GREEN A4 paper.






Generally my stuff (yang belakang-belakang tu tak lah)


Another view

I wrote a short letter for my roommates since I didn’t know whether I’d be seeing them or not later in the day. I mean, come on, we worked together to find plastic bags to shove our junk food wrappers in when we ran out of them (and one of us had to volunteer to take the trash out every school day). Then, after reminiscing my first time in the dorms (ahh, how clueless and naive I was then!) and having an emo moment to myself being in my room and walking the floors of GS 1st for the last time, I evacuated the aspuri and brought my heavy bag of textbooks to the PSP. Not as burdening as it would be as government school kids, though, since we didn’t get textbooks for science and math in BM, as well as English.

I was tired out from packing my stuff, bringing it down the stairs of the aspuri, and then lifting the books all the way from the aspuri to across the DS to the blok akademik. Then I put the bag down for a while and went up a few flights of stairs to check if the Accounts kids were still having exams, which they were, which annoyed me because I wanted to return my textbook (that somebody was borrowing since I dropped Accounts), then I came across Sha who I walked with to the PSP.

After that, I lepak-ed with As and Dar until the start of the Seni exam. Which wasn’t even a Seni exam, really, since they asked us to choose from two pictures and copy it as nicely as we can. Before the exams, when we had to wait outside, Pu took a small rubbery red ball out and us girls had fun playing with it (mentang-mentanglah exam Seni). The other classes were staring, particularly 4 Engineering. There was a lot of confusion and debate whether there would be a Seni exam or not over the past few days since it wasn’t announced when they rescheduled the exams (finals MRSM wajib selaras, and Kelantan just got a public holiday because of football). I made up my mind that it wasn’t taking place.

So the day before, after… Add Maths, I think, when nearly everyone had vacated 4 Dentistry and 4 Biotechnology, I yelled REALLY LOUDLY to the world, “YEAHHHHHH! FINALS DAH HABIS!”. And you know what? I was like, 150m away from 4 Actuary, who for some reason, Dar found out, were STILL taking Accounts Paper One. But I’m not very close with Actuary kids, so hopefully they did not recognise my voice. And no one confronted me about it, HEHEH. BECAUSE THAT WAS REALLY, REALLY EMBARRASSING.

Anyway, ramai orang boleh tangkap-tangkap gambar, boleh tidur masa exam Seni. Whereas I, someone who is actually taking Seni for SPM, was focusing hard on copying the drawing down. One side of my right hand went all shiny with lead. And then exams were over. Everyone was happy and celebrating, especially since they all knew home and holidays were waiting. I didn’t quite enjoy my last few moments being in 4 Dentistry, though, since half of the boys didn’t help at all to arrange the chairs and tables and that really irritated me. Don’t really have semangat kelas for 4 Dentistry, since I was only with them for one semester. But then again, I never had semangat kelas in secondary school anyway. Except maybe just a little bit for 4 Engineering because that time classes were a combination of two homerooms, and Cikgu Syamsuddar’s homeroom is really fun and they’re generally close and comfortable with each other while of course I had a ~bond~ with the members of Cikgu Zuliana’s homeroom.

The mass of cars drove into the school compound, outing cards were signed, goodbyes were exchanged. I had to wait until 3 something though, until my Mum came, so I lepak-ed in the surau with As first. And then, goodbye, MRSM AG! For now. It’s been a good year.

And finally, I get to spend seven weeks in the comfort of my own home.



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