CW: aeroplane thoughts

Came up with this on my way back to KL, from Medan.

aeroplane thoughts

the veins of my hometown shrink swiftly
what do fancy cars and sky-scraping monuments mean
to birds who soar from this incredible height
they probably muse more on how beautifully
god has hung the sun and the stars

generous tiny shades of blue
unite to form one briilliant shade
so how can i point to where
the open sky goes to bed
or where the deep sea starts to rise?

we sigh endlessly about boredom
when it is us who refuse to
step outside of the cramped box we live in
and too often we forget that there is
an infinite array of things yet to be seen and done

how baffling to think
that humans have the treacherous belief
that this vast, beautiful universe
that we have not even completely explored
revolves around the insignifcant them

because when you walk on carpets of thick cloud
and watch the sun set on lakes and rivers
and fly above rainbows made of dazzling colours
and feel intrigued by countless wonders
everything beneath that it is not of concern

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