Obligatory New Year Post

This is my goodbye to you. Tomorrow morning I’ll be off to Melaka, with a pile of bags and a dream. I’ll only update maybe twice, thrice a month. Out of all the years of my life, I think 2013 has contributed the most to the growth of who I am today.

  • 5 weeks in Seafield
  • experiencing boarding school life 
  • celebrating my birthday during Minggu Aktiviti
  • the birthday video Elena made
  • spraining my ankle at Mass Camp *laughing while crying emoticon*
  • giving a morning speech that was actually okay and somewhat overcoming social anxiety and immense stage fright
  • getting my own Polaroid cam
  • getting Nabilah back – and her making friends with Sarah
  • topping the grade for English every time during Sem 1
  • getting three articles published in Niexter
  • learning how to get along with people from different walks of life
  • increased knowledge about sociology and politics
  • getting used to food I usually won’t eat
  • hearing tazkirahs every night at the surau, and indulging more in Islam
  • having more than 3 friends
  • going to my friends’ room at midnight to celebrate their birthdays
  • doing my own laundry and rushing whenever rain started to fall
  • puasa, buka puasa, celebrating Raya at maktab
  • that one time I met Kash this year
  • painted on canvas for the first time
  • being a BADAR member and AJK Exco Komunikasi
  • going to Spell-It-Right at Mahkota Parade
  • seeing the lengths my parents would go for me
  • developing my taste in music/books/clothes/movies
  • Instagram, Instagram and Instagram
  • tuition at Get A
  • archery and bike rides in Port Dickson
  • getting a new IC
  • watching Super Mokh the musical
  • watching Catching Fire (finally!)
  • holiday + wedding in Medan (I wanted to blog about this but… maybe another time)
  • watching the Doctor Who 50th anniversary and the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration
  • getting a replacement pen for my Wacom Bamboo
  • the Sherlock Christmas minisode
  • trailers for Divergent and Captain America 2 
  • seeing Aimi in her primary school uniform and Arif in his secondary school uniform
  • checking out INTEC and thinking ‘wow, this could be my future’
  • finally decided on my general ‘hala tuju’ kehidupan
And of course, resolutions. 
  • get straight A+’s for all exams, especially trials and SPM
  • download motivational talks in mp3 and listen 
  • save up, and don’t waste money on unnecessary things
  • focus on what’s important
  • stop idly wasting time
  • read the qur’an, zikr, read religious stuff, attend talks more
  • pray 5 times a day, every day 
  • accept that all human beings are flawed, and so am I 
  • strive to improve self every day
  • complete homework on time and do not copy
  • don’t study, but learn
  • think outside of the box and never conform to what is stupid 
  • read more good books
  • cherish time spent with loved ones
  • create more art, write more stories
  • document the week, every week, at the maktab – DO NOT BE LAZY
  • puasa sunat a lot
  • khatam al-qur’an
  • if you want something, NEGOTIATE
  • work on taekwondo 
  • participate in more stuff 
  • enter those events yang boleh pergi MRSM lain 
Well, I have to pack. Maybe it’s because it’s my senior year, or because the last few months of school were actually pretty nice, or because I have my sights seriously set on pursuing animation, but I’m not that bummed about returning to school. I accept it and I welcome it. Just like the New Year. 
Hello, 2014. May you be a year of good challenges, personal growth and success. May you be MY year. Amin.

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