Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

The truth is, I miss being busy with creative projects. Yes, I am at home every day with too much free time and tons of art supplies and virtually limitless internet connection. But it’s hard for me to generate new ideas when there is no pressure. I like pressure when it comes to art. Filming 3-second clips of teachers for Hari Guru. Organising tent deco for Rumah Razak. Writing scripts and making props for drama. Beautifying the class notice board. Designing t-shirts. Photographing important occasions. Contributing to homeroom creative assignments. Helping out with the school magazine. Making, cutting and editing videos. Becoming a DJ for AG fm. Working on Seni projects. Painting banners for events. Once I even helped to draw for the LDP organisational chart, and I drew for a junior BWP candidate’s manifesto. Making morning speeches. Heh. But Alhamdulillah today I have been given the opportunity to be busy again.

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