a little sunshine.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
On Saturday, everybody on my extended family on my father’s side (only 13 people) spent two days and one night at Amverton Cove Gold & Island Resort, Pulau Carey.
While the guys went for Friday prayers, we girls (Aimi, Nabilah, Mum, Auntie Lin, Auntie Ayu, and Grandma) went to the Kids FunZone or whatever. Since we had the whole place to ourselves… we made the most of the opportunity. IT WAS FUN. it was like MegaKidz, but a lot smaller. We buried each other in the ball pit (and managed to step on some sticky bread someone left… EW!), bounced on trampolines, had fun on the slides and Auntie Ayu even took a nap. Mum sat in the sitting area, reading some book called Princess Peony or whatever. And Grandma was reading Al-Ma’thurat. …She put all of us to shame. *monkey hiding face emoji*

We booked four rooms but it was already 3pm and they gave us the keys for only one so far, so when Uncle B and Auntie Ayu wanted to explore the place, Nabilah and I tagged along. But they ended up going God-knows-where while Nabilah and I rented bicycles for an hour. She couldn’t remember her home address. Or her house phone. Or her IC number. And then she kept going on cheerfully about how she feels so much like an adult because she was going cycling without informing her parents first. *facepalms*


But cycling was nice, despite it being 4pm and blazing hot. I never get to cycle anymore, except in rare times like these. The views were stunning, a golf course punctuated by green hills and crystal skies, and a small, beautiful lake. 



We trespassed entered one of the villas that said “Executive Lounge” on the doors because we couldn’t figure out what it means, but were too chicken to go in further. Nabilah just inherited her mother’s iPhone 5 and we sat on a wooden swing and made stupid faces because she thought Time-Lapse was actually Slow-Mo — but then we took off because a foreign worker kept staring at us. We went round and round the carpark and almost went into a no entry area. I usually took the lead when cycling, but once I let her take the lead, and I saw a guy who looked like her dad, even though I was 90% sure it wasn’t, and I yelled, “UNCLE NAAAAAAN”, and the guy turned around, and then Nabilah kept bickering on how he probably thought it was her that was yelling. And I had to hit the brakes because I couldn’t stop laughing. We also went up to the rooftop of The Rabbit Room which had a really cute tea party concept setting. And it would have been lovely to take pictures — well, in the sunset with fairy lights and if we were wearing pastel frilly dresses instead of sports gear. Then we took photos near the lake while ‘supposedly’ doing a parody of Bet On It. There was also a bridge that looked like the one in Mulan during Reflection, so we took photos there as well, until a guy actually came up to halau us. And then we gulped down the free ice water refills at the eatery. 
“This is life before you know who you’re gonna be.”

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