Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I generally don’t keep up with celeb gossip (and I really don’t want to).

But you may or may not have heard about the Zendaya/Giuliana Rancic dreadlocks controversy. On the show Fashion Police, Giuliana Rancic insulted Zendaya who wore her hair in dreadlocks to the Oscars.

She has just such a tiny frame that this hair, to me, overwhelms her. I feel like she smells like patchouli oil. Or weed! Yeah, maybe weed?

…Which is one-hundred percent racist, conforming to stereotypes, and just blatantly rude.

Anyway, long story short, Zendaya wasn’t happy and expressed her disappointment on Instagram,

Giuliana apologised on Twitter and on video. Zendaya forgave her in the classiest and most mature way possible. And she’s supposed to be the naive 18-year-old.

Anyway, this incident made me contemplate a lot. I have no doubt that this is another reason why Allah s.w.t. instructed women to cover everything except their hands and face, and stay modest. Because He knows that a portion of women are always finding excuses to tear each other down. He knew shows like Fashion Police exist, and that the media will pit women up against each other, to compete for fabulous hairstyles and the latest designer shoes and the smallest waists and the most youthful looks. In Western TV shows and films you’ll find females gritting their teeth at each other to fight for rich pretty boys. No girl needs that kind of negativity, that sickeningly unhealthy competition in their life. No girl.
(…which is why I praise Allah that @mrsmbeautiful deactivated — I hope she realised the toxicity of making an Instagram account like that and repented)
My dear fellow females, this is wrong. We should love each other with all our enormous hearts and support each other to do great things always. Sisterhood must be something cherished and embraced. There is no reason to ruin a bond with a girlfriend, because of a guy, unless he’s your father or your husband or your brother or something. It is so damaging to the soul.
There will always be men who will stamp on us and spit on us. There will always be men who will bring us down and humiliate us to the highest extent. There will always be men who make us feel ugly and worthless. There will always be men who will make us feel inferior, crave seeing us hurt, love seeing us cry. There will always be men who will blame women in defense of their problematic aspects — “She’s blaming ME for raping her? It’s not my fault I can’t control my libido and have such lack of respect for girls that I had to dominate her without her consent!”.
Believe me, we do not need to do those things to ourselves. We should not stamp and spit on other women. We girls, girls of all races, religions, sizes, backgrounds, need each other and we will always need each other. Let’s hear it for sisterhood.

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