Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


For some reason, I am terrible at distinguishing cars. I probably only recognise around ten cars at first sight, and most of them are locally manufactured cars. I don’t even know how to make out a BMW / Audi / Ferrari / Volkswagen if I don’t see the logo. They all just look the same to me.

I have only met one other person like this, back when I was fifteen, and she is an extraordinary artist.

Just some food for thought.

At least I’ll never be a typical human being who needs a flashy car for other superficial human beings to validate her self-worth.

Or someone who complains when the petrol price takes a hike, and then makes statements like “Harga petrol lagi murah daripada harga Milo, baik minum petrol” when it goes down.

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