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NOTE: I wrote most of this post last week.

Glee is finally over. *cue collective whoop of gratitude across the universe*

It is complicated to talk about Glee. Season One was promising, but by Season Three a lot of people had begun to quit watching due to the increasing problematic aspects of the show which includes but is not limited to; discrimination, unequal TV time given to characters, lack of development, plot holes, horrible continuity and et cetera.

I quit before mid-Season Four. After that, only episode I watched before I graduated from high school was the tribute to the late Cory Monteith. And maybe the Previously Unaired Christmas. I did watch three or four episodes of Season Six, including the two-part show finale. Personally, I loved ‘2009’, especially the part where they talked about Finn during the secret meeting. That episode reminded me horribly about the person I used to be, and why I (and everyone else) watched Glee in the first place. It was a story about outsiders. Too bad it didn’t stay that way. ‘Dreams Come True’ had its spectacular and also terrible aspects, which is very like Glee. But who could resist smiling during ‘I Lived’, right?

Still, I watched Glee for two years, and was deeply involved in the fandom. Fanfiction. Fanart. Roleplaying. You name it. In fact, until today I’ve never really felt the impact of anyone’s death more than Cory’s, who was an actor I’ve never met who lived across the planet. But then again, no one really significant to me has ever died. Yet. Alhamdulillah for that.

This show was a huge part of my life for some time — and I don’t completely regret that. I learned and discovered things. I was exposed to different kinds of people with different backgrounds and opinions. I found solace in certain characters, who, like me, had to deal with Crap with a capital C at school.

So, it is strange to think that the series has ended forever.

See the world not as it is, but as it should be.

Last Saturday, I went to the Harry Potter and The Hobbit Exhibition at UiTM Shah Alam, organised by Hollywood Malaysia and the Malaysian Fandom Union. Went with my brother Arif, and my cousins Nabilah and Ammar. Dad drove us there.

It was actually quite impressive. It was no Making of Harry Potter @ London, of course, but it boasted an array of movie props such as the Sorting Hat, Tom Riddle’s diary, the Firebolt, scripts signed by the actors and JKR herself, Dan Radcliffe’s face mold, uniforms that he actually wore, etc. It was hard for Nabilah and I to contain ourselves. For the Hobbit, they had swords and maps and gems and stuff. Sorry, I’m not much of a Hobbit fan so I didn’t pay much attention. But they even had a sword actually used by Ian Mckellen, and the super-long document that the dwarves asked Bilbo to sign in the first movie.

Anyway, I just went through the files on my old personal computer. Turns out I wasn’t a bad fiction writer or a gif-maker at the age of fourteen, fifteen. And I am quite sad that I find it difficult to write or edit like that now.

When I was thirteen, I wrote a Harry Potter oneshot for fun (no, I am NOT going to give you the link, it’s too embarrassing), but people sort of liked it then. Mostly because it was sad and about the death of a certain character. I gained a few hundred followers on Tumblr thanks to that – and also a lot of messages in my inbox.

At that age, ideas would pop into my head (“like daisies!”). I wrote fanfiction, I wrote original stuff, I even planned to write a novel and actually had a file for it. Not a computer file, a REAL solid blue file. Now I’m just like, ‘…………………’. The only time I ever write fiction is during English Paper 2. Oh wait, I’m done with SPM. Which means I haven’t written fiction at all in around four months…………. Yay.

So basically, I went through my Word documents and was like, “OMG I WROTE THAT????”. In fact, there was a pretty good Glee/Hunger Games crossover fic. Haha!

As for gifs, well, you won’t really get this unless you’ve ever been on Tumblr, but I made pretty nice gifsets. I regret that a large portion of my Photoshop knowledge has gone down the drain. They weren’t magnificent or anything, but they’re decent compared to anything I can do now. Sure, I can relearn easily but I am seventeen and a half and I’ve moved on from fandoms, really. Focusing on the more important things in life, and death. Of course, not all gifsets are fandom-related but I just can’t be bothered. I don’t even have a proper Tumblr, for one. I’d happily relearn if I were to study design in university, though.


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