my hogwarts house.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

One interesting aspect about the Harry Potter series is the Hogwarts Houses. Of course, there is so much more to humankind than being Sorted into four groups, but it is nevertheless interesting to the psychology-loving soul. After all, the basis of the Divergent series is basically being ‘Sorted’ into communities that strictly adhere to their rigid values.

I just went on the Pottermore Wiki pages for each Hogwarts House, and funnily there were college ads on each page.

Ravenclaw: Science

Slytherin: IT

Hufflepuff: Graphic Design

Gryffindor: Nursing

There must have been a mix-up for Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, heh.

What Hogwarts House am I? I’ve been debating about it in my head for like, over four years. In the end, your Hogwarts House is based on what you VALUE the most, deep in your heart. Gryffindor; bravery and courage. Ravenclaw; knowledge and learning. Hufflepuff; hard work and justice. Slytherin; cunningness and ambition.

I think I’m like Hermione. Horribly Ravenclaw-ish on the outside (obviously I’m nowhere as smart as Hermione, but Ravenclaw prides itself on eccentricity, individualism and love of knowledge), but at the very core, not Gryffindor, but Hufflepuff. I decided on this in late 2011… a while after I was (reluctantly) Sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore. It was disastrous. I was SO sure I would get Ravenclaw.

Yeah, Hufflepuff is the lame plus loser house, but my whole life, I’ve always been in the underdog crowd. HAHAHA. But really, I have come to accept my Hufflepuffmess. *plays Glee’s Loser Like Me* Also, the badger is a badass animal. #PUFFPRIDE

Of course, over the years, even until now, I always think, “Urgh, I should be in Ravenclaw. It’s actually ridiculous. Why else would I bother doing all this House research? I adore reading, writing, imagining, daydreaming, learning and all the other Ravenclaw-ish things! I hate ignorant people and I always want to know more. I always correct someone when their language is wrong. According to Pottermore, Ravenclaws value eccentric people! That is SO me! And their common room is practically a beautiful library up in the sky. Plus, Hufflepuffs are group-oriented and love people and animals, which is the opposite of me. They are also practically Hobbits; boring, comfortable and unadventurous. Who wants to live underground with plants?”

I mean, this practically screams ‘Arifah’:

Ravenclaw—don’t even get me started. If you were bookish, collected random facts, and loved solving puzzles, you were a Ravenclaw. If you over-analyzed everything, but never noticed when someone was flirting with you, you were a Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws watched TED talks and listened to public radio. Ravenclaws weren’t brash; everything was deliberate, calculated. They saw themselves as the brains behind the brawn, and in addition, might have been a little snooty. The worst Ravenclaws listened to bands you “probably haven’t heard of,” and read Gravity’s Rainbow in public, and the best wrote scripts to help you access all the blocked websites at work.” – from Appreciating the Hufflepuffs

But this always makes me proud that the Sorting Hat on Pottermore sorted me into Hufflepuff.

The defining part of Hufflepuffs is our sense of equality and acceptance of people as they are and seeing the best in them and their potential, regardless of current situations or background. The misfits, the unwanted, the outsiders, the slightly crazy, the kookie, the free-spirits that don’t seem to fit anywhere else all come together as a loyal family – steadfast and true. A lot of people may make jokes at a Hufflepuff’s expense, but that’s what joins Hufflepuffs together. We’re the under-dogs – resilient, all inclusive and see greatness in each of our unique qualities and find a way to make it all come together in unity, where others misunderstand and ridicule. The Common room is a haven from the harshness of others and a world who generally rejects them or overlooks them. That’s why it’s so bright and cosy. It’s actually the coolest house there is. It can be difficult to understand a Hufflepuff, if you’re not a Hufflepuff, but it’s basically about acceptance/tolerance, unity, loyalty and freedom (to be true to ourselves without judgement). This freedom and acceptance is why many Hufflepuff Wizards don’t need to go dark… we found the love and it makes us happy! We don’t need to prove ourselves to others, like other houses, which sets us free to do more interesting things. Yay! Go Hufflepuffs!

From What Defines a Hufflepuff

Plus, I noticed that at the end of the day, the things that make me truly happy are Hufflepuff-y things, and I make huge decisions based on Hufflepuff values.

But anyway, isn’t it amazing how Allah created us with different personalities and contrasting values?

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