Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Yesterday night I realised I am 75% more likely to recognise a Malaysian blogger / YouTuber / Instagrammer / Twitterer / visual artist than a Malaysian singer / actor.

Well, that’s probably because I’m not a huge fan of the Malaysian music industry. I fancy the Malaysian TV/film industry even less. Seriously, I’ve shown Japanese, British, Hindi and American movies to my cousins and siblings but not even one Malaysian movie. Unless you count, like, Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula (the Upin and Ipin movie) — which is an impressive stepping stone for animation in this country, by the way! However, both industries are s l o w l y but surely improving.

But I prefer to read blogs, watch vlogs, and like Instagram photos of, ta-da, MALAYSIANS!

So I was shocked when someone in a WhatsApp group mentioned Aiman Azlan and most people who replied didn’t know who he was. He’s Aiman Azlan. Then again, if I were to bump into Ziana Zain in public, I probably wouldn’t recognise her. Honestly.

This question is for all the bloggers out there, including myself. Not necessarily in just blogging, but any form of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Quora, Blogger, WordPress and etc.

Before you post to the internet, where anyone with internet access can read it, ask yourself,

“What is your intention in posting this?”

Is it to enlighten the public on social issues?

Is it to vent about your stupid boss?

Is it to spread dakwah and love?

Is it to show off your luxurious clothes and cars?

Is it to help SPM leavers know about their options?

Is it to make people jealous of your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Is it to raise money to help war-torn countries?

Is it to criticise an innocent group of people?

Is to help people undergoing depression and PTSD?

Is it to highlight useless celebrity gossip?

Think carefully, guys, especially my brothers and sisters in Islam. The core reason of us posting, should be to please Allah s.w.t. If you need to type your frustration away, do it on a private account or on Microsoft Word.

I shall also try to post things that are more beneficial Insya Allah. From next week onwards, I will aim to post at least one fictional story and one poem in one week.

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