Avengers: Age of Ultron

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I was recently assigned to write the Fashion article for Niexter Online. It’s for the Raya issue, so I came up with… TA-DA, Avengeraya!


Are you bored of typical and predictable Raya clothes? Were you first in line for Age of Ultron tickets? This year, I thought – why not combine traditional Malay clothes and the cinematic superhero phenomenon that is Marvel? Here are two Raya outfit designs with sprayed with the essence of my two favourite Avengers.

The male outfit is clearly based on Iron Man. I came up with a red baju melayu of cotton with gold metallic patterns. The sampin is black and gold, made of songket cloth. For a touch of classiness, I threw in a pair of shiny black shoes. Best of all, I fashioned a songkok representing the Iron Man face piece and an actual glowing arc reactor. You can now look as elegant as Tony Stark this Raya!

The female design was inspired by none other than Captain America. I designed a baju kurung of satin with a blue, star-spangled top. The bottom part is a classic kain batik but with floral designs in the colours of the American flag. I added flare to the outfit by coming up with a striking red leather handbag with matching flats. To top it all off, I created a white hijab with streaks of red and blue, and Steve Rogers’ signature ‘A’ symbol.


I also watched Age of Ultron yesterday. I can’t be bothered to post a proper review so here are some comments (spoilers!):

  • Bruce/Natasha was 500% unexpected. Hellooooo, the MCU fandom has been shipping Clint/Natasha since 2012! But honestly, it’s actually kinda cute, though MANY people are uncomfortable with it.
  • No Coulson ‘coming back from the dead’. WHY?
  • HAWKEYE HAS A FARM. HAWKEYE HAS A WIFE. HAWKEYE HAS KIDS. Everyone in the audience had their jaws on the ground.
  • The scene before Ultron came to life was just adorable — when the Avengers were all just joking around and having fun, and trying to lift Thor’s Mjolnir. It was just like in the fanfics.
  • Natasha was sterilised during training. THAT IS SO SAD.
  • The twins were fantastic. Pietro died. But knowing Marvel (and film culture in general), Quicksilver will rise from the ashes lulz.
  • Steve hallucinated about being back in the 40’s, the war was over, and Peggy was asking it it was time for their dance. It was actually painful to watch.
  • Nick Fury just looks weird in a turtleneck.
  • That scene when Tony was hallucinating, saw all the Avengers dead, and Steve saying, “You could have saved us”. Sarah and I were hyperventilating in our seats. I have a history of telling Nabilah who dies in a film/show/book, so I found a gifset of this scene, linked it to her and told her Captain America dies. HA HA HA. Boy, was she angry (at me). Whatever, she’ll find out tomorrow when she watches it.
  • Sarah and I were the only ones who sat through the whole credits with muka tebal in front of the cleaners, assuming the rest of the audience weren’t real Marvel fans, only to find out there was no clip at the end, defying the tradition of Avengers films. Agh. Buat penat je tunggu.
  • I dressed up in Captain America’s colours and Sarah dressed up in Loki’s colours. Except, y’know, Loki wasn’t even in the movie. And she told me she’d dress up in Iron Man colours. SIGH.

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