The “Real” World

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

A friend born one day after me is tying the knot soon. An ex-classmate from England is pregnant and overjoyed. A member of my homeroom from MRSM was diagnosed with bone cancer after SPM, and the doctors said he wouldn’t be able to further his studies for at least a year.

I feel like I’m slowly stepping into the ‘real’ world, whatever that is.

Yeah, people get married and get pregnant and get cancer all the time, but it’s different when it finally happens to people your age.

I may be one of the very, very few people my age who has yet to be deeply affected by somebody’s death. I’ve known people who died, but I never really knew them. Other people have lost, at the very least, one of their grandparents, if not their parent or sibling or cousin or friend. Alhamdulillah, all my loved ones are still alive.

In fact, my friend made a list last year of dead relatives she wanted the students of our school to read Yaasin for. It had around six to eight names, I believe. She passed the list to me, asking if I wanted to add anyone. But my mind was just blank.

But one day my mind won’t be blank anymore.

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