Math? What Math?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

So, my syllabus for university has no Math. Like, at all. Believe it or not. I didn’t even bring a Casio calculator with me to UiTM.

Out of the seven people living in my house, only one ISN’T taking Mass Comm. She’s taking Pra-Diploma.

Anyway, apparently since I’m a ~budak MRSM~ I’m expected to be good at Math. Krik krik. Krik krik.

Do you people know I haven’t dealt with algebra at ALL for the past seven months? Except maybe Form 2 algebra when I help my brother with his homework.

But anyway, the Pra-Diploma girl asked me for help with one question. I prepared for the worst.


Ladies and gents, this is the most complicated mathematical equation I have solved over the past seven months. 😂😂 OH MY GOD.

While my engineering friend sends me pictures like this.

And it turned out that my housemate accidentally copied down 364 from her book and not 384, that’s why she couldn’t get the answer. PHFT.

Sometimes I question what will happen to my brain if I don’t use it for any math over UPSR level.

Budak Mass Comm tak pandai kira.” – Ancient UiTM proverb

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One thought on “Math? What Math?”

  1. Budak mass comm kalau nak buat bisnes, kena pandai kira. Make sure you take into account all costs incurred in a project plus the “price” for your effort and time, when charging for any service or art piece.


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