September, Part 1

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah, September has been an eventful month. So eventful that I have to split up this post into separate parts!

  • CTU Midterms

My class had CTU (Fundamentals of Islam) midterms at night, all the way at KPP2 (around a twelve-minute walk from Tun Sabariah).

It was the weirdest test I had ever taken in my life.

You see, sometimes, my Ustaz will explain something in class, for example, Sifat 20 Allah. Then he’ll say, “Benda ni akan keluar midterm eh. Hafal tau! Saya bagitahu awal-awal.”

What was supposed to come out was Chapter One and Two. Other classes said their CTU midterms were fairly easy, consisting of objective questions and essays.

Well, our midterm paper was one of a kind. The paper LITERALLY only asked what Ustaz specifically asked us to memorize, which was Sifat 20 Allah serta maksud, nama 25 Rasul, Nama dan tugas 10 Malaikat, 4 Kitab + Bahasa + diturunkan kepada siapa, 4 sifat wajib Rasul.

The best part was, for some reason I studied at the last minute, so yeah, I tried to cram both chapters in my head in a short span of time. I think I answered everything correctly, except I didn’t memorize what the languages of the kitabs were (apart from al-Qur’an of course), and my mind went blank at the 4 sifat wajib Rasul part because I didn’t know what kind of answers it wanted. Padahal tabligh, siddiq, amanah, fatanah semua dah memang ada dalam kepala aku dari tahun lepas lagi. *facepalm*

Oh well, all praises to Allah, because my CTU carry marks turned out okay.

  • Birthday prank #1

After walking back to my college after CTU midterms with Aini and Alyaa (classmate slash housemate), I found that my room was locked. “Do you have to disappear at night, dear roommate?”, I sighed to myself as I tried to find the keys in my bag. Then Alyaa opened the door to her room and beckoned me to come inside. I followed without question. God knows why. Also, the lights weren’t turned on in her room, which I thought was odd.

When I stepped inside, two things crossed my mind simultaneously:

  1. Ni rumah hantu ke apa? Kenapa semua orang menyorok dalam gelap?

Yep, my housemates were actually singing Happy Birthday. Lulzzz. Aida was filming everything. And on Ezy’s bed there was an actual cake with candles and icing (“FAFA 18”), surrounded by her many teddies and her table lamp, and a LOT of purple balloons. There were printed homemade bunting spelling out “HB ARIFAH”. I was too busy borak-ing with Aini on the way back home to notice Alyaa frantically Whatsapping the others.

The afternoon before, Ezy and Yuyun went out to Alor Gajah, which I thought was strange because we JUST came back to UiTM after the Merdeka break. A few other strange things happened too. But my housemates do weird things all the time, so I didn’t question it.

Who would’ve thought they were planning a surprise party????? For me, my birthday started and ended during the break, and nobody at UiTM was going to celebrate it. I was wrong.

So yeah, thank you loads to Yuyun, Ezy, Alya, Aida, Kak Mira and Ayu (even though you weren’t there due to family issues)!


  • JPM Family Day

We had our Jawatankuasa Penggerak Masjid Family Day at Redtma Sports Centre, Ayer Keroh. I went kayaking for the first time ever! And took selfies using Kak Afi’s iPhone, hoping to God it wouldn’t drop into the vicious depths of the lake. I think she was dying inside. But we had a super great time – played games, had an usrah santai session, and took lots of photos.


  • Tun Putih x Tun Sabariah Garden Night

Tun Putih and Tun Sabariah collaborated for a dinner at Dewan Taming Sari. The theme was Garden Night, so, as expected, 85% of the girls were wearing flower crowns. Half of the guys looked like they were only going to class on Monday. There were performances, lucky draws, photo booths, nice food, and most entertaining of all, at the very end, ALL of the Putih guys performed Hakka at the back of DTS. It was hilarious. Search ‘Hakka UiTM Lendu’ on YouTube and imagine them doing that in their smart suits, neckties and polished shoes.


  • Haze + End of Kesatria

Malaysia is a country with four seasons. Musim monsun, musim durian, musim denggi, dan musim jerebu. The haze was terrible, and I was coughing for about 12 days. I also ran 2.4km in the haze for Kesatria’s Ujian Jasmani. The things I do for a 4.0 CGPA. I can only pray that I get an A for Kesatria because my kawad skills are terrible. I know I at least passed, so I won’t have to repeat next semester. Only Allah knows the anxiety I felt every Tuesday evening, and only Allah knows the relief I felt after the last Kesatria session. The weather in UiTM Lendu is astonishing. At least an hour before every ko-ko session, any rain falling WILL stop.


Bye Encik Yusoff!

To be continued with September, Part 2.

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