September, Part 2

Continuation of September, Part 1.

  • JPM’s Kem Tamrin

For this semester, Kem Tamrin was held at Masjid al-Azim, Bandar Melaka. 3 days and 2 nights. Organized for JPM, by JPM. We had numerous activities, including presentations, an explorace, and learning how to propose events. We would start the day with Qiyamullail at 4 or 5 in the morning, and read al-Ma’thurat and proceed with Dhuha prayers. We prayed in congregation for Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib and Isyak. The mosque itself was so, so beautiful and majestic. Before Tamrin, I’d never spent the night in a mosque before. We would eat from a talam during mealtimes, around five people for each talam. On the last day, the Muslimats had a sharing session. We just sat together and talked about ourselves and let out our feelings. I’m not allowed to tell you the details, sorry. Heh. But it ended with tears and huge group hugs, and that session alone was enough to strengthen the bonds between us.


  • Birthday prank #2

I was late for the last JPM meeting for this semester, because Kak Jiha was supposed to pick me up as usual, but she said she was outside of UiTM, running some errands for JPM. So I waited at the bus stop for around ten minutes before she arrived. The meeting was brief, we mostly discussed our plans for the next semester and reviewed the events of this semester. Then, when it seemed like the meeting was almost over, our YDP said he wanted to meet with a few people whom Ummi (our advisor, Ustazah Kalthom) mentioned had some ‘problems’. Do you know how scary that sounds? …Especially since Tamrin. And he asked the people to stand up, one by one, in our meeting circle. Like, hello, tak boleh ke suruh orang lain bersurai dulu?

Quite a lot of names were mentioned. And eventually, my name. So I reluctantly stood up. Kak Jiha was like, “Oooohhhh ponteng usrah eh?”. Mana ada!!! Then Kak Jiha’s name was mentioned, so I said, “Hahaha, padan muka, nama dia kena jugak!”, pretending to be all giggly and cool when inside I was feeling like a falsely accused ‘criminal’ awaiting her penalty.

Suddenly, the people who remained sitting started singing Selamat Hari Jadi.

Ya Tuhanku. Aku dah nak sakit jantung dah tadi, faham??? Nasib kena prank ramai-ramai, bukan aku seorang.

Anyway, our last meeting ended with joy, smiles, and delicious chocolate cake. Alhamdulillah.


  • The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Sarah Marzuki picked me up from UiTM Lendu after CTU class. But due to some mishaps (including her getting lost and me not knowing visitors can’t enter UiTM before 5pm), we were an hour late for the showing of the second Maze Runner movie (4:40pm) at Aeon. The best part is, I had never even watched the first movie. I wanted to download it after she invited me to watch with her but the internet was about as fast as a snail. But anyway, what I watched of the movie was A+++. We had dinner and went on this 6D motion theatre thing. Macam roller coaster tapi dalam wayang. But we both agreed that Disneyland was way better. On the way back to UiTM, we nostalgically sang songs from A Very Potter Musical. I also experienced the pleasure of waving evilly at Ayu and Mun, who were making the effort to walk by foot to an INSAN meeting at the mosque, while I was getting a car ride back to Sabariah.

So who is Sarah Marzuki? I met her on Tumblr way back in 2010, back when we were invested in fictional characters and fandoms (well, we still are… just… not as much). She lives in Melaka, so for two years I’ve begged her to visit MRSM but she never did.  She just completed her teaching practicum for her TESL degree. We’ve only met in person once before, in 2012. So it was pretty amazing that we could talk like old friends even though it was only our second time meeting.


  • Hari Raya Aidiladha

For the first time, I celebrated Aidiladha without my parents and siblings. Had a brilliant feast with my grandparents, auntie, uncles and cousins after Eid prayers. We then drove to KLIA to send my grandparents and their friends to Cambodia for a korban + akikah program. I saw this as a golden opportunity to pose with a luggage bags in my Raya clothes, causing speculation and controversy. BAHAHAHAHA. In fact, when I went to a relative’s house later that evening, she was surprised that I was in Malaysia and not on my way to Japan.


“bye grandpama” was the caption for this photo. >:)

I also found the time to watch the first Maze Runner, and finally picked up the copy of the book that I borrowed from my cousin months and months ago.

To be continued with September, Part 3.

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