September, Part 3

Continuation of September, Part 2.

  • Canon 1200D

On 25th September 2015, I finally got a DSLR, guys! I did my waiting! Six years of it! In Azkaban!


A super handsome Canon 1200D. <333

IMG_0112 IMG_0236

IMG_0148 IMG_0167

I had fun snapping every single thing under the sun in the four corners of the earth. I also used it to take pictures of the ladies for JPM’s organizational chart.

  • End of classes + Finals

My classes for this semester are officially over. Feels weird, because back in school you had to undergo around eight or nine months of classes before finals. Overall, it was a good semester. Yesterday, the 30th of September, I sat for my first paper for finals and I have four more to go. #Pray4Arifah


Me giving my persuasive speech for the second last class of Public Speaking.

To be continued with September, Part 4.

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