Definition of Home

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Gambar ditangkap pada waktu Subuh semasa Lendu dilanda jerebu tebal.

Aku nomad. Aku hidup berpindah-randah. Jasad dan jiwa aku takkan pernah kekal kat satu tempat.

Berkali-kali aku tukar sekolah rendah, berkali-kali aku tukar sekolah menengah. Paling lama aku duduk kat satu sekolah pun tiga tahun (dahlah aku benci sekolah tu lol). Toksah cerita pasal sekolah lah… I went to two KINDERGARTENS.

I even went to two driving schools… hahaha. Don’t ask.

As far as I remember, I’ve lived in six houses and two hostels. In three countries. Macam-macam orang aku kenal. Macam-macam pengalaman aku dapat.

When it’s time to go, I go. I accept it when those who used to be close to me, grow further away and rarely keep in touch. We’re growing older and our priorities change.

Attachments are irrelevant. Flowers wilt. Goals change. Phases end. Trends fade. People die. But always appreciate what you have.

I don’t even have a proper house right now. What’s the point of having a house if there’s no one there? My parents and siblings are abroad. I hover between uni and my relatives’ houses. Macam jerebu.

So, what makes a place a feel like home? For me, it’s when the people around me love Allah and His Messenger. And when the syariah stands tall. It’s true.

I am not a good person but if I can have that everywhere, then anywhere can be my home.

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4 thoughts on “Definition of Home”

    1. Gosh, sorry that didn’t come out right. ahaha.

      Assalam. Oi there, loy. I found your blog amazing, full of life and ofc, colourful (read:artistic). You’re a Malayisan with great English and and that fact there, made me believe that i can improve mine by reading your posts. So, i hope u dont mind me being a stalker. Ahaha. So teach me master with your posts. I’ll be looking forward into reading ’em.

      Can i advice u with something? Make sure whe you’re doing this lillahitaala. Insha Allah, you’ll get pahala along the way, yea.

      Well sorry if I’ve offended u anyhow. Jazakallah, Allah yutfah alaikum and all the best there sistur.


      1. Waalaikumsalam Aiman. Hehe thank you so much, kawan. Means a lot. 😀 There are loadsss of other Malaysian bloggers with great English tho — Aiman Azlan, Anwar Hadi, Vivy Yusof etc. Terima kasih banyak-banyak Aiman, aku ni biasa-biasa je. But yeah feel free to read my humble blog if you want. InsyaAllah I’ll purify my intentions. Allah yutfah alaikum. When are you flying?


  1. Ouh really? Byk eh? I’ve heard a few but to be frank, I’m not much into reading blogs. Especially ones with long posts. In spite that, I came across your blog since you share it on fb. Something worth sharing must be worth reading. And yea, it is.

    Tq for giving me the permission… Will do, in sha Allah whenever I hv the time. Ahaha I’ll be flying in sha Allah this coming January. Not long now.


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