35 Days in Japan, Part 3 – Nikko

Continued from Part 2.

13 November – 15 November


On the 13th of November, Dad had his company’s family day in Nikko. We stayed in a hotel for two nights and had four super-elaborate Japanese meals for breakfasts and dinners. The meals must have cost a lot, and I mean A LOT. They were carefully crafted, decorated elegantly, and every mealtime had about eight to ten dishes we had to finish up. I wish I could say my stomach was feeling happy about this, but I am sooo not a fan of Japanese food. But I really, really appreciate the effort.



We visited Tobu World Square, a park with buildings from all over the world built to a smaller scale. We saw the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat, the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, St. Peter’s Cathedral, and of course, Tokyo Tower. Sucks that the Petronas Twin Towers weren’t there. It was beautiful at night as the buildings were all illuminated.





Edo Wonderland was pretty cool too. A park designed to reincarnate the Edo period of Japan. We watched ninja shows and explored traditional Japanese shops and saw a lot of women in kimonos. There was also an anti-gravity house (Aimi fell down and cried), a super-complicated maze, and a haunted house. Yay!

Other than that, the five of us took walks to appreciate the gorgeous autumn leaves that you can’t find in Tokyo. We even put on yukatas that the hotel provided for us. It was nice to be in a relatively quiet area after being stuck in busy Tokyo for so long. Nikko reminded me of Urasa. Dad and the kids even bathed their legs in a hot foot bath.

Still, it was hard to find halal food and we couldn’t cook in the hotel, so it was nice to be back in Tokyo. We also stopped at an R&R called Sano, and saw an ad for Sano Premium Outlets, which I got excited about because my housemates and I had been watching Hana Kimi during our last two weeks at UiTM.

To be continued with Part 4.

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