Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Guess what, almost half of the semester has gone by and I haven’t updated ANYTHING about Sem 2. My last two posts in this blog mostly consist of photos because I just don’t have the time or energy to write. I might add details during the Chinese New Year break, though.

I now reside in Kolej Tun Perak. Yes, Arifah sudah turun dari bukit! Tapi hari-hari kena daki Bukit Tonggek juga sebab nak pergi kelas. It’s hot, claustrophobic, and the (men’s…) toilets are in terrible condition. But I like it much better than Tun Sabariah. HAHA. Why? Sebab finally rasa macam bergaul. Kalau tak, kami duduk kat atas bukit, isolated and towering above everyone else. Now it’s so much easier for me to attend meetings and majlis ilmu and hang out with seniors or students from other courses. And at least I don’t have to wash my clothes by hand. Dah genap tiga tahun aku duduk hostel tapi baru sekarang pandai guna mesin basuh. Nobody told me that katil atas sucks, though. Because in my bedroom in Tokyo, katil atas yang best! My roommates are, my ex-roommate and my supposed-to-be-ex-roommate (long story, heh). I am familiar and comfortable with both of them, so that’s one burden gone!

Classes are okay, I guess. I now have interesting subjects such as Psychology and Photo Communication. I’m also taking Public Speaking for koko. Last week I spoke about Muhammad Ali. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I will have the same classmates until Sem 5. Somebody nominated me for class rep. NO THANKS????? I don’t mind helping out regularly, or helping out every day even, but I just do not want the title of ‘class representative’ because it is heavy. I also didn’t want to share my CGPA with ANYONE apart from close friends but this one lecturer forced us to tell. Sigh. Remember when we were in Sem 1 and young and innocent and didn’t have CGPAs to divide us?

Life as a JPM member? So far, so good. I feel closer than ever with everyone since Sem 2 started. Sometimes Jawatankuasa Penggerak Masjid is the only thing that keeps me sane when everything else about university life sucks. They are family and they encourage me to seek Allah’s love. We have conducted 5 usrahs so far (for the first 3, everyone had to be the one and only naqibahs in their circle because there were way too many people). The second one was the best, because my Tun Perak acquaintances finally got to see a glimpse of my world. Ustaz Iqbal Zain gave a talk in Lendu. We slept in Dewan Syura during Mega JOM. Alhamdulillah, last weekend I got to attend Maulid Kubra with seniors and friends at Madrasah Al-Muhibbin, Melaka. Also, I helped direct a short gimmick video for Malam Mesra JPM. And I finally gathered the courage to let go of all my bidang 45’s, if you know what I mean.

I probably should mention that I went for a Sekretariat MPP interview. I wasn’t planning to go at ALL even though I filled up the form last semester, because I believed I had enough on my plate. If I attended the interview, I would be skipping my class bonding dinner AND a JPM meeting. Three clashing events in one night, can you imagine? That alone is a beautiful enough metaphor of how hectic my life would be if I got the post. But one thing led to another and I changed my mind an hour before the interview. Came totally unprepared. HAHA. And well, I got the post. I am now a Seki MPP, under Exco Pembangunan ICT, Informasi dan Penerbitan.

So yes, my life is extremely hectic. If I could eliminate the necessity of eating and sleeping, I would.


*PARLIMEN Mahasiwa, not Panel

Look at my list of events. And for most of the events above, I actually have preparations to make in advance and work to do during the event itself, not just goyang kaki and attend the event. When people say, “Datanglah event aku!” they mean like one or two very specific events but I have like 592027 events. I was taking some time to chill after yet another meeting — yes, I have meetings almost every night — when suddenly I was added into the “Biro Publisiti Islamic Fest” Whatsapp group. I literally had never even HEARD of Islamic Fest. Haha. Kelakar lah hidup aku.

Belum lagi cerita pasal kena deal dengan kes rasuk, kes cubaan bunuh diri, kes pensyarah asyik cancel quiz sejam sebelum kelas bermula, kes belum call mak langsung lagi sejak habis cuti Krismas (Whatsapp je), kes paip sinki kat toilet dah tiga minggu bocor. The amount of water wasted could keep twenty families in Africa well-hydrated for three weeks.

I am always under pressure because people expect me to be creative and religious and brave and eloquent and able to obtain a 4.09 GPA, all at the same time. I should probably stop writing now because I have midterms starting on Monday AND booklet, poster and shirt designs to complete. And help Grandma to cook lunch.

Kak Teha said, “Akak nak pesan satu je. Arifah kejar akhirat, dunia akan kejar Arifah”. Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin also said, “Beruntunglah orang yang menggunakan darjat tingginya di dunia untuk mencapai darjat yang tinggi di akhirat”.

InsyaAllah I will hold onto that.

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