Semester 2 Wrap-Up: Part One

Assalamualaikum wbt. Yes, I know, it has been forever since I last updated. Hard to find time to update when you have a life. La la la la la.

I actually drafted this post a long time ago but never got round to completing and posting it. So here are some of the highlights of the second half of Semester 2 of my diploma.

  • My Psychology group and I planned to organize an event at a secondary school to do our research, but there were too many procedures, too little resources, and in the end we realized that we didn’t have enough time, so we let it go. For now. Next time perhaps?
  • My classmates and I went jalan-jalan around Melaka for Photo Comm. Went to Mahkota Parade, Dataran Pahlawan, Kota A Famosa, Masjid Selat, Pantai Klebang, etc. The usual. Ended the day with cheese naan for dinner. It’s funny ’cause the hashtag was #JejakJonker2J but we didn’t even go to Jonker Walk. But it was a good day.
  • Cuti Raya Cina rasa macam Kerja Raya Cina. Serius. Macam cuti yang diberi khas untuk membuat kerja. I did hang out at Sunway for one day day, though, and finally tried Dip N Dip which was deeelicious!
  • Mass Comm Part 4 students organized this event called MASSJID16 (Mass Comm in Jihad). Hafiz Hamidun came and gave a talk at the masjid, and he touched a lot on how we as Muslims should be smart media users.


  • I finally learned how to draw light graffiti with the slow shutter function! I’ve been wanting to learn since Form 1 or Form 2. Photography is a very interesting art once you get into it.


  • Visited KAYFAZ orphanage with JPM. Quite a lot of them were secondary school students so they felt more like friends than adiks, compared to last semester. My newest cousin Aisyah was also born that afternoon, but I only got to meet her a week after.
  • We Mass Comm Part 2 students finally organized our first event, DECADE (De Communication and Digital Age), a photo gallery. I can’t say I did much because I was not one of the committee members. Even though DECADE can hardly be considered an event (it was basically just a showcase of pictures at the lobby of Dewan Taming Sari while all the gempak-gempak Part 4 and Part 6 events went on inside the hall for VIRAL16 involving Faiz Dickie, Fynn Jamal, Arlina Banana etc.), many of my friends put in a lot of effort and hard work into it, and I’m proud of that.



  • FESIM16 (Festival Imarah Masjid) happened, for six days. No words can describe how thrilled I was when I saw my backdrop design on the stage. Takdelah lawa mana pun, ambik gambar kat Google je, logo pun orang lain yang design, but it’s hard to believe that I am actually capable of designing a huge scary backdrop. I designed the biggest thing, the backdrop, and the smallest thing, the nametag. Funnily enough, I spent a lot more time on the nametags. Fatimah and I were emcees for the majlis perasmian. Ada pertandingan tilawah al-Quran, nasyid, azan, sajak, khat, poster, Malam KAG Berselawat (Habib Najmuddin Othman al-Khered datang bagi tausiyah), Bicara al-Din (Daie Fuad datang). And I was happy to spend time with JPM at our booth almost every night.


  • Spent a lot of time and energy shooting our short film for Comm Theory, called Sambal Wasabi. I may have been double, triple tired. Because I was the main character and at the same time I felt the absolute need to oversee the process of every other little thing. Dahlah ada scene yang shoot tiga, empat jam sebelum kena submit video tu. Hahahaha. Thanks Zika, Fifi, Tasya, Alyaa! And everyone else involved. Had a good time shooting with all of them, we watched Munafik at Aeon and watched the sun go down at Pantai Klebang. There was actually one short scene I filmed in Japan when it was snowing and one classmate said loudly during the screening, “Bapak ah, hebat gila korang edit, macam betul-betul kat Jepun doh”. Aduh lawak betul lah.


  • Family Day JPM @ Tanjung Bidara. Ada games, BBQ, pertukaran hadiah. I got a cute framed drawing of a girl wearing graduation robes and a mortar board. Kasut penuh dengan pasir, muka burn, tapi berbaloi. Haha. The next day was AGM. Pimpinan lama turun, pimpinan baru naik. Sampai 18 orang turun pulak tu. Manalah AGM tak sedih? We took lots and lots and lots of pictures. My congrats and my condolences to all the newbies. Hope JPM will continue to strive for the good of the ummah, and become better every day. Sorry I couldn’t make it to TAMRIN 😦

To be continued with Part Two.

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