Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


Alhamdulillah, I turned 19 on 29 August 2016. Ezy came into my room singing Happy Birthday 3 minutes before 12, and I was laughing from the corridor as I wasn’t actually IN my room. My roommates Yuyun and Alyaa also sang for me. My Dad wished me at 12 (1AM Japan time… amazing!) which was surprisingly pleasant since he is not the type of person who stays up to wish people Happy Birthday and he is usually asleep by 11.

Slept for two hours that night because I was busy cramming for Public Relations and Journalism quizzes. Went to class with my Barai face with a capital B. And guess what? Both quizzes got postponed. Surprise number one. Perhaps the lecturers were pranking me on purpose?

Harapan tahun ni memang tak tinggi pun sebab saya faham, semua orang busy. But I found it quite annoying how Fifi was wishing my classmate whose birthday was also that day but did not bother to wish me at all.

Selepas kelas PR, balik hostel, terus qada’ tidur dibuai mimpi indah. Before being rudely awakened by all five of the Kawaii Squad. “ETR kita ada perubahan last minute, this is very serious Fa, kita dah tak banyak masa, banyak sangat benda kena bincang”, they said. Excuse meeee? Orang tengah barai gila, masa tu juga mereka ajak buat Meeting Serious.

Baru nak pergi basuh muka, Fifi said, “Memandangkan kemamaian anda…”, then tiba-tiba diorang start nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday.


Surprise number two.


Anyway, thanks so much Kawaii Squad. Alyaa, Fifi, Hani, Aini, Miyya. U da best. They went to the trouble of making me a cute card, AND gifting me a pack of Mighty White chocolate bread (the packaging was deceiving, I thought it was a tudung or something).

I then went down to Kafe Bentara to buy Rainbow Rice for dinner. Bumped into Aini and Hani who subtly hinted about more surprises coming later on. Sakit otak saya fikir siapa lagi nak surprisekan saya. Jangan cakap diorang berkomplot dengan JPM untuk prank saya waktu usrah malam ni…? And suddenly Bentara blacked out (some areas in Lendu were affected by an electricity blackout but luckily not my hostel). And I jokingly sang Happy Birthday.

Which brings us to surprise number three which, naturally, I did not see coming at all. I entered my room sometime before Maghrib. Mata sepet ni boleh terbeliak sebab terkejut sangat. My ex-housemates (Aida, Aina, Ezy, Yuyun, Alyaa) were all standing in the dim light and singing Happy Birthday. There was a balloon and a box of Secret Recipe’s Chocolate Indulgence.


I didn’t expect THEM to surprise me because that’s what they did last year. Sebenarnya, diorang ni excited sangat nak sambut birthday saya setiap tahun because I’m the only one yang sambut birthday selama semester sesi Jun-Okt. Love you TSB 9-03 ❤

And then Ezy fed me with a spoonful of cake and I totally forgot I was fasting. “Plot twist betul lah!”, bak kata Aida.

So I was eating my iftar dinner peacefully when the whole of UiTM blacked out. No lights at ALL, in the hostels or in the surau or at Bentara, and people were screaming. Dengar cerita dekat hostel lelaki diorang protes dengan bermain mercun… Surprise number four. Yay. Luckily it lasted for less than ten minutes.

That night I brought a whole rombongan with me to JPM’s usrah. Hahaha. What’s better than usrah on your birthday, eh? Aina, Yuyun, Alyaa, Aini, Miyya, Fifi, Farah Ganu. Hani wanted to join but as Financial Manager she had to work on the financial plan for our Entrepreneurship project. Tsk.



The topic that night was Nasihat Buat Hati. Yes, I designed the poster. Birthday saya kot! Basically the contents of the usrah was based on Habib Ali’s book. I joined the liqa’ with Kak Lyana as the naqibah. Rasanya ramai yang memang perlukan nasihat buat hati waktu tu. Hahahah. I hope the usrah touched their hearts and was beneficial to them :’)



And that was a good end to a good birthday. Last year in my teens eh? May my nineteenth year be a beautiful one that will make me stronger, wiser, happier, and closer to Him. Amiin amiin ya Rabbal al Amin. Thank you all for the wishes!

P.S. JPM already got me (okay fine, not just me, but everyone born from January until August) a cake at the beginning of the month.


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