Awesome August

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

August was a busy month indeed, what with midterms and submissions, Open College Festival…

Susah rupanya nak buat event. Becoming a committee member on the day of the event itself is one thing, but what about all the paperwork and tedious processes way before that? Meetings with orang luar, meetings with orang dalam, quotations, planning everything from A to Z, filling in Borang C (siapa pelajar UiTM yang selalu anjurkan event dia tahu lah). It’s so much easier for students whose classes are at KPP1 and KPP2 though… or have their own transport…..

Last-last, disebabkan faktor-faktor tertentu, event tak jadi pun :’) *muka redha*


One weekend, I spent the night at Kak Hanis’ (JPM senior, already graduated) house in KL. Friday night I went to Majlis Ta’lim Darul Murtadza led by Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin Al-Hamid, located at Masjid Muadz bin Jabal every week. Dah setahun dah nak pergi tapi sekarang baru dapat peluang. Usually if I follow my grandmother to ceramahs at the masjid, the crowd there is mostly around her age. But one interesting thing about MTDM is, majlis tu PENUH dengan orang muda. Amaaazing. That night, quite a few ulama’ from abroad came to give tausiyah because many of them were from Haul Imam al-Haddad, including Habib Muhammad Abdurrahman As-Saqqaf from Fattabiouni (TV Al Hijrah). “Rezeki Arifah lah,”, Kak Hanis said, smiling. Gained lots of knowledge that night. Now I wish I lived in Setiawangsa. Until then, tengok livestream kat YouTube je lah kot. Haha. Moga saya diberi rezeki untuk hadir lagi pada lain masa.

By the way, I just realized that after almost 19 years of living I have never spent the night at a friend’s house before. ….I know right. I spent the night at my friend’s grandmother’s house last year in Masjid Tanah with all my classmates, but that was only to shoot a short film for an assignment. Kak Hanis’ family was absolutely lovely though.

The next day, Kak Hanis and I (with her friend Kak Katie and her daughter) went to Yayasan Restu in Shah Alam for Majlis Haul Imam al-Haddad. Apa benda tu??? Okay so Majlis Haul ni majlis untuk memperingati kewafatan seseorang. In this case, Imam al-Haddad, a great scholar of Islam. Mereka kata, tujuan Majlis Haul ni diadakan bukan sahaja untuk memperingati kewafatan tokoh itu tetapi untuk mencontohi cara dan akhlak mereka. Zikir, selawat, dan banyak perkongsian sirah. A lovely experience.

To be honest, I was feeling very down about life and duniawi stuff for a long time, before that weekend. Going to both MTDM and Majlis Haul was like the ultimate soul therapy to release my tension. It was like discovering a new beautiful world. Baru nampak macam mana orang soleh menjalani hidup mereka, dapat bergaul dengan orang baik-baik, dapat duduk dalam satu majlis dengan beberapa orang ulama’. Made me contemplate a lot on what kind of person I want to be, what kind of lifestyle I want to live, what kind of family I want to have. Dapat suntikan semangat baru untuk jadi hamba Allah yang lebih taat. InsyaAllah.

On the 20th August was the Islamic Arts and Communication Festival aka ISAC which you can read about here.


During the last weekend of August, I went to UiTM Segamat, Johor with JPM ’cause we had a program there with one of their Islamic societies, PERMAS (Persatuan Mahasiswa Masjid As-Syakirin). Ada empat persatuan Islam kat sana, guys. Kat Lendu baru ada dua pun orang selalu pening. Unfortunately the program started later than scheduled due to unfortunate circumstances, but it was marvelous anyway. Latihan dalam kumpulan, perkongsian ilmu, tayangan montaj, campus tour, etc. PERMAS was so nice to us. Ukhuwah fillah abadan abada ❤ I was greatly reminded of spending a few nights in MRSM Johor Bahru for Minggu Bahasa, back in 2014.

What else eh? Oh yeah, I turned nineteen. But that needs a separate post, I think! 😀

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