If I Ever Go Missing, Choose a Beautiful Picture

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

If I ever go missing (tak doakan, just saying!), please don’t choose an ugly picture of me to be spread on the news and social media.

Because, number one, if I get found and live to tell the tale, I don’t wanna see ugly pictures of me show up on Google Images for the years to come.

And more importantly, number two, most people only care about beautiful people.

Actual tweets tweeted by actual people (modified):

“Hmmm kesian budak yang kena culik tu, dahlah comel”

“Thank God he was found, it would be such a shame if anything happened, he is too handsome”

“Kenapa perempuan tu dikelar? Sayang kot hidup dia. Cantik pulak tu”

Yep guys, your life only matters when you’re good-looking. (Or rich. Or famous.)

Anyone remember this guy?


Nayati Shamelin Moodliar went missing back in 2012. A 14-year-old son of a foreigner living in a Malaysia. His MISSING posters displayed his handsome face. It was viral all over social media. Thankfully he was found in the end and the kidnappers were caught.

But, just search ‘nayati hensem’ on Twitter and you’ll realize that his looks played a big role in the spreading of the news. (Other than his father’s money of course.) There are also a lot of creepy and inappropriate comments that will make you question your faith in humanity.

“Handsomenya dia ni. Nak culik jugak boleh?”

Ada berlambak budak kampung kena culik setiap masa. Tapi takde orang peduli.

Also, I once almost didn’t get Something Big because I almost lost it to a girl who was not qualified at ALL to get it in the LEAST. Just because she looked like Barbie. The whole thing was just sooooo absolutely ridiculous and unfair. In the end I didn’t even want the Something Big anymore ’cause I realized what kind of people I would have to deal with. Be glad I’m not mean enough to share every single detail here.

And so people, particularly girls, feel the pressure to have unrealistically slim bodies and clear skin and amazing hair and lovely clothes and perfect makeup. And some guys expect them to, too.

Girls, you are beautiful.

Frizzy hair? Beautiful.

Dark skin? Beautiful.

Crooked teeth? Irregular nose? Acne? Beautiful.

140cm? Beautiful. 170cm? Beautiful.

Chubby? Beautiful. Stick-thin? Beautiful. No thigh gap? Beautiful.

Weird mark on your face? Double-chin? Don’t wear make up? Beautiful.

Disabled? Beautiful.

Tudung koshibo? Beautiful.

You are pretty and gorgeous and absolutely beautiful the way God made you, and even more beautiful with a beautiful personality to match, and even more beautiful when you cover up modestly.

It would be great if that everyone reading this post, starting right now, would try their best to see everyone as beautiful.

And don’t value people based purely on their looks.

Care about missing people who don’t look like models, too.

If you agree with me or feel impacted by this entry, do share this post or leave a comment below!

This illo is taking forEVer but I’m pleased with how my grumps are turning out 👻

A photo posted by Tyler Feder (@tylerfeder) on Aug 20, 2016 at 9:34pm PDT


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