Fantastic Beasts and Mail from Disneyland

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Last Sunday, I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with my brother at Toho Cinemas, Shibuya. My second time watching a movie in Japan. I prefer watching in Malaysia, though, since the prices are MUCH cheaper and the crowd isn’t so hambar (lol). For example, when I watched Captain America: Civil War last May, there was this part where Iron Man needed Spider-Man in combat ASAP, but he said, “I have homework”. Dan saya pun ber-hahaha sorang-sorang dalam wayang tu…. diorang tak gelak langsung… scene lain pun tak gelak….. 😐

But anyway, the movie was fantastic. Can’t wait for the next four. I didn’t think I’d like a movie set 60 years before Harry was actually born, but I was wrong! I love the characters and themes and storyline. Also, all the Potterheads have been resurrected from the dead.


A fanart I drew of my new favourite Hufflepuff.

Speaking of Hufflepuffs, I lost my right Hufflepuff glove at Disneyland last Friday. I was busy taking pictures in front of the castle, after the final parade of the day and it is a pain to use a phone when wearing full-finger gloves. So I took the right one off, and I didn’t notice when it tercicir somewhere. Tak jumpa langsung kat lantai. Padahal baru 5 minit berlalu, dan saya tak bergerak jauh pun.

All the cleaners I asked directed me to the Lost and Found. There was a long queue there… you would’ve thought they were queueing for a ride, man! But queues (berdiri pulak tu) are VERY normal in Japan. That’s why the Japanese are so patient.

In Makkah there’s this black stone at one corner of the Kaabah called Hajarul Aswad. People who visit the Kaabah try to touch or kiss it (as it has many benefits), but not everyone succeeds because it is super crowded and there is a lot of pushing/shoving. As my Dad always says, if the Japanese were in charge of Masjid al-Haram, everybody would get to kiss Hajarul Aswad.

I must’ve queued for around twenty minutes. After all, it was a HUFFLEPUFF glove. From UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. All the way in OSAKA. (And it cost quite a bit…) Harry Potter merch dahlah sangat susah nak jumpa. It’s like losing a limited edition Prada bag. Kalau saya beli sarung tangan tu kat kedai Daiso 100 Yen depan rumah lain cerita lah.

Anyway, the people at the counter were nice and friendly, and I got to see how the Japanese write in shorthand. It looked like almost 100% Kanji characters. They also took a picture of my left glove.

On Tuesday, I received mail from Disney. Yay! Syukur Alhamdulillah.


They would even post lost items to your country for free if you live outside Japan. However I believe that applies to all Disney parks around the world.

Still, my mother lost her diary in Osaka once – an item of low commercial value – but they actually mailed it to Malaysia (she wrote her address in it).

May we too incorporate good moral values in our lives, InsyaAllah.

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