Join Awareness With Society #JAWS2K17

Assalamualaikum wbt.

This is the post that I’ve been dreaming about posting for the past 60+ days.


Event Management is THE subject I’ve been dreading badly since Part 1. Because it involves a lot of energy, money, time, and most importantly… teamwork. Which is scary. Like tahap menggigil punya scary. Because I’m from class J.

Orang kata budak kelas J banyak masalah. Orang kata budak kelas J jahat. Orang kata budak kelas J tak unite. Orang kata budak kelas J susah nak bekerjasama sesama sendiri. Orang kata budak kelas J selalu gaduh. Students and lecturers alike — they say the same thing. And I don’t blame them.

So can you imagine my level of tak redha when I was chosen to be Ketua Projek? And only because I volunteered to jadi wakil kelas to go to an event management course.

I was waiting for someone to tell me this was a joke. Or a dream. Tak pernah-pernah saya bayangkan diri sendiri jadi Ketua Projek apa-apa event kat Lendu ni. I was already set on Biro Publisiti / Biro Media or paling tinggi pun Setiausaha maybe.

The first question I asked during the first meeting was, “Serius ke korang nak aku jadi KP? Tolonglah cadangkan nama lain”. But alas, no avail.

I went to the kursus the next day and met with all the KP’s for all the other events. Turns out that ONLY class J was conducting a stand-alone event. ALL other Mass Comm classes had slots under one huge event, VIRAL 2.0. And VIRAL was a success last year.

Lagi saya stress. Most other classes were handling ONE-HOUR SLOTS and they didn’t have to worry about the venue (disediakan) and vendors (a whole CLASS was handling their vendors). While I’m sure they all had their unique challenges to face, my class was handling a FULL-DAY EVENT involving dealing with a LOT of outsiders.

I suggested to Madam that we gabung with VIRAL. But she wouldn’t budge.

Jadi saya pun pulang ke hostel dan termenung memikirkan nasib diri. And I felt the horribly heavy weight upon my shoulders.

Some of my classmates kept telling me how worried they were about working together as a team. “Susah lah nak bekerja dengan diorang”, they kept saying.

But on Saturday, Shaf messaged me, saying she was tired of people saying bad things about our class. That she wanted this event to be a chance to redeem ourselves and prove to everyone that class J CAN do it. And wow, those messages really uplifted my spirit.

Oh yeah, I haven’t actually explained what the event would be about. Basically, we’d be inviting NGOs to give talks on social issues such as cancer, drugs, the stigma towards LGBT and HIV, violence against women and financial management. We would have a permanent crowd because Part 2 students taking CMP were required to attend our event. There would also be blood donations, breast cancer tests, blood check-ups and etc.

Over the weekend, we decided on a name for our event. All sorts of suggestions came up. JomCare. JCare. Java. JenuhNakPikir. (Sebab nak jugak mula dengan huruf J). In the end, Hani suggested JAWS. Join Awareness With Society. So catchy. And I immediately imagined a shark as our mascot. YES!

Our second meeting was Monday the next week (Week 3), 8pm at Kafe Bentara. I was dressed in a jubah because right after the meeting I had to run to the masjid because I was PKP for Malam Mesra JPM happening that same night. MMJ was a very small, simple event not involving a lot of money and no outsiders. Yet I was still scared when Rabi asked me to be PKP, at the end of last semester. Apatah lagi nak jadi KP untuk event yang sangat besar.

Attendance was nice for that meeting — a pleasant surprise. We discussed stuff for around 45 minutes. It was surreal… talking so much and people actually listening. I was also happy when the boys said that we have to put our egos away for this event and we should put aside all the things that have happened in the past.

When I saw how united everyone was to make our first jualan this one night at Kolej Tun Teja a success (we made and sold spaghetti to raise funds for our event, plus preloved items), I saw a ray of hope for our event to be successful. We conducted two or three more sales after that. The boys and their friends also performed at Bentara to raise money to donate to the NGOs involved in our event.


And so the real work began. Week 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Meetings, filling forms, writing letters, consulting Madam, contacting people, finding money, naik turun pejabat HEA, lari sana lari sini, mendesak orang suruh buat kerja, planning the event flow, thinking of designs and decorations, finding our emcees, figuring out a way how to make our ‘boring’ social awareness event, interesting. Faiz held a selfie competition with his motorcycle with the grand prize being an iPhone 7. Dan and Keba contacted Haqiem Rusli to perform.

Mind you, we’re students, and unpaid. We had many other assignments and tests to think about, responsibilities for other organizations/clubs, and social lives with families and friends. And our own personal problems of course. Even when I was holidaying in Japan for a week, skiing and sledding in the snow, I still posted in the event WhatsApp group every day and worried a lot.

Penat fizikal dan mental. Banyak menangis, banyak stress, banyak telan. Kena maki dengan wakil NGO. I began to spend all my time invested in event work because a lot of things were still not settled even though the event was next week. There seemed to be so many gaps and holes we’d missed. Banyak benda yang last minute baru teringat. Skrip ucapan, sofa VIP, dulang, invitation cards, etc. It was so hard to push people sometimes. Thanks Alyaa and Fifi for being my Biro Dinding and listening to all my complaints haha.

Week 10 finally arrived. The week of the event. On Monday, Rya and I tried to plan the event flow properly. She then mentioned that I’d be sitting next to Madam. Wait, whaaaat? For the past 50 something days, I imagined walking around, kawal-ing the flow. Not sitting at one of those banquet chairs. Then she told me I wouldn’t be sitting on a banquet chair, I’d be sitting on a SOFA. AT THE FRONT ROW. 5 sofas. Timbalan Rektor HEP, KPP Mass Comm, KPP Law, Madam Ilya, Me. Omgggg. As in, I’d be walking in together with the VVIPs as the gamelan sound plays. o_____o

We barely focused on the two classes we had because we were so busy preparing for the event. Only managed to get approval to kosongkan the parking lot in front of DB the day BEFORE the event (I woke up early three days in a row because of this, sigh). Even on Tuesday night, still pening pasal tentatif sebab banyak gila perubahan. Perubahan nama orang, perubahan siapa datang dan bila nak datang semua. It was torture having to think of a way to solve the tentatif problem. But Alhamdulillah by Wednesday afternoon, we found a solution.


Spent pretty much all of Wednesday at Dewan Bendahara, setting things up, rehearsing and etc. Met with our emcees, Kak Anira and Abang Adzren, alumni from Tourism. Serius tak sangka diorang bukan Mass Comm. Diorang memang expert GILA bab flow majlis ni.

We then went to promote our event at the pasar malam. Hailer tu dahlah punya banyak prosedur kena lalui nak pinjam. Kena pergi unit kolej, ambik tandatangan Madam semua. Sekali hailer buat hal. Haiyo. So pakai mulut je la. Amoi macam biasa lah promote kelakar gila, “DATANG EVENT JAWS. BOLEH DAPAT IPHONE, BOLEH PILIH COLOUR BOLEH PILIH GIG”.

The night before. Ya Allah, banyaknya benda tak settle. Masih confuse macam mana ada satu NGO tu nak rasmikan persatuan diorang. Madam kata cenderahati Ayahman sama dengan orang lain so diorang keluar pergi beli buah. Coffee table memang tak dapat jadi diorang pergi rumah Hani, ambik coffee table and carpet. Flow nak jemput penceramah from gate UiTM still macam confusing. Alas meja untuk meja media baru nak cari. Dahlah media tak confirm datang ke tak. Gimik baru nak practice for the first time malam tu. Photo booth tak settle lagi. Backdrop takde tulis dirasmikan oleh Ayahman.

We had a final briefing (Kak Anira and Abang Adzren did most of the talking). Sifu doh diorang. Diorang bagitahu betul-betul apa tugas semua orang. What to do, what not to do. They said hanya dengar arahan Dan dan Rya SAHAJA esok, not anyone else, and jangan kacau KP esok.

Balik pukul 1 lebih. Nasib tak kena halau dengan PB.

There were five working walkie talkies and only two chargers. So I set my alarm every hour to make sure all of them were fully charged. (Okay fine, I only woke up like once sebenarnya but Alhamdulillah settle). Slept for around four hours. Patutnya nak tulis panjang-panjang kat family minta doakan event ni (sebab SEMUA ORANG pandang event ni) tapi tertidur, and the next morning memang tak sempat.

Arrived at Dewan Bendahara around 7:30. Did last-minute preparations like making arrow signs to show where to get checked for breast cancer. Had a major crisis when we didn’t have enough tables and chairs for the blood donation but Alhamdulillah all was settled by the time our KPP arrived.

All the VVIPs already arrived, except Ayahman. So Burn and Tasya went to call him from his room. I waited across the street and then walked with them sampailah jumpa VVIP yang lain. Could already hear the gamelan sound from inside.

“Mengumumkan ketibaan bla bla bla…..”

And we all walked inside. Takde masa nak fefeeling sangat sebab perjalanan dia sekejap je, tak macam DTS.

I was sooooo so scared something would go wrong during the perasmian. U___U

Baca doa. Sir Hanapi’s speech. Ayahman’s speech (which was short, considering…). Perasmian was okay, the bunting fell nicely and the flower petals fell nicely. I felt super important standing up on the stage. Gimik was entertaining and scary enough to wake everyone up. Credits to the actors and makeup artist! Basically there were five ‘victims’ (muflis, abused woman, HIV patient, cancer patient, and drug addict) moaning dramatically about their problems and then lima orang jejaka JAWS pergi selamatkan diorang.

Tapi Alhamdulillah, all settled by 10 o’ clock! It was very surprising actually, I didn’t think it would finish that early. Slot Islah pun pukul 10:30. We had to fill in those thirty minutes. But luckily, emcee kitorang sangat sangat sangat lah berkaliber. But I was soooooooooo sooooooo lega bila perasmian dah selesai.


Then, slot Pertubuhan Islah Movement. Pasal stigma terhadap golongan LGBT dan golongan penghidap HIV. Mereka kata kita patut mendekati golongan tersebut, bukan menjauhi.

Slot BIUHS Consultancy, about financial issues.

Slot National Cancer Society Malaysia. About cancer, basically.

Lunch. Makan nasi Arab weh. Bukan biasa-biasa.

Afi, Faiz and the boys performed.

Forum (isu kontemporari moral remaja) with Fakulti Undang-Undang, ACIS and PENGASIH.

Dr. Rachel’s slot on women’s issues.

Mostly everything fell nicely into place! Perasmian habis awal, dan Alhamdulillah, flow sangat-sangat cantic dan tersusun and I am eternally grateful to God. Congrats to the walkie talkie gang especially Rya and Nabila! Dan budak-budak tak balik! Yang ni memang crucial. Kalau ada pun tak ramai lah. Padahal banyak talks yang agak mengantuk (for typical Lendu students).

And then, the slot that everyone was REALLY waiting for. Kalau tak diorang dah lari dah rasanya. Haqiem Rusliiii! Jujurlah, tak kenal pun dia sebenarnya sebelum jadi KP JAWS. Haha. But everyone else seemed excited for him to come to Lendu, so yeah….

I was sitting at one of the VIP sofas, at the very front and the very middle.


He sang two songs (Terakhir by Sufian Suhaimi, Sedalam-dalam Rindu by Tajul) and right before his third and last song, he suddenly said,

“Okay, lagu ni saya dedikasikan untuk ketua projek event ni, Arifah.”

*insert the sound of not only my classmates screaming like mad but the whole dewan*

I was like.. speechless jap, tak tahu nak react macam mana haha. It felt like one of those moments where after so much toil and hard work, the boss is FINALLY appreciated, y’know???

“(Right before the song starts…) Ni khas untuk awak.”

Hahahhaha. Actually itu first time dengar lagu Segalanya versi full. It /was/ kinda awkward not really knowing the lyrics padahal he was singing for ME erkk hahaha. Alhamdulillah I didn’t get attacked by angry mobs of fangirls. Only the next day I realized it was a heartbreak song lol.

I asked, “Siapa suruh dia mention nama aku?” but they claimed Haqiem sendiri yang tanya. Unfortunately nobody recorded him mentioning my name -__-

Last of all, the selfie competition winner announcement. The iPhone 7 went to a Part 2 student. Congrats, kiddo.



Waktu post-mortem, Madam cakap memula dia pun tak percaya sangat kat kami, lecturer lain pun cakap kelas J ni susah nak cooperate etc, tapi dia kata boleh nampak, kami jadi united sebab event ni. And she said, “Ha, you all tau la markah you all macam mana nanti”. Emcee pun puji event ni, when they needed something, they got it immediately. They said kalau event ni tak best diorang takkan stay pun untuk post-mortem. And they congratulated us.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Bersyukur sangat. Ingatkan event ni akan fail. Serious. Pagi tu pun gaya macam akan fail. But God is great.

We cleared up the dewan. Cleared the panels (kesian siapa yang angkat, bengkak tangan), the khemahs, chairs, tables, sampah, etc.

Islah Movement was satisfied with our event, and so was NCSM.

“Pada jam 10 pagi,majlis ini telah dirasmikan oleh Timbalan Rektor Akademik UITM Lendu, diikuti dengan majlis pelancaran Islah Movement. Program yang meriah ini mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan dari pelajar-pelajar untuk mendapat info dari NGO-NGO yang berkecimpung dan mempunyai kemahiran dalam bidang mereka. Team ini juga telah membuat sedikit sumbangan untuk mengisi tabung Islah Movement demi membantu anak-anak yang hidup dengan HIV. Tahniah dan syabas diucapkan kepada adik-adik ini.”
“Over 150 counter enquiries with NCSM with 350 participants and 5 questions from the attending. 99 blood donation, 188 blood sugar Bp and bmi testing done, 106 clinical breast examinations, 105 stop smoking counselling done. Well done JAWS organising committee, UITM LENDU, Hospital Melaka and Hospital Alor Gajah and all NCSM MELAKA volunteers.”

I creeped on the #jaws2k17 tag on Instagram and found one girl who was really touched by the cancer talk because her sister was battling cancer.

“Today, #Jaws2k17 rings the bell and spread the awareness of fighting cancer. Using Shark as the symbol of today’s awareness, Im truly amazed how relatable it is to those who suffer from cancer; A fighter. #fightcancer #cancerawareness”

And isn’t that the purpose of this event…? To spread awareness, to enlighten society to make positive changes?

And of course, all of US, MC1104J, were so happy with our event. First time semua upload gambar kelas dengan caption yang happy-happy. The last time we took a class picture with everyone, was during Week 2 or Week 3 of PART 1. Just imagine.


Gave free donuts away to the people on my level sebab ada yang budak-budak tak ambik. I slept at 1, bilik serius serabut GILA for the past few weeks dan malam tu lah paling serabut. Dengan katil takde cadar sebab semalam cadar guna sebagai lapik untuk iron backdrop. Then Fifi woke us up at 5:30 to gerak pergi KL to go to ITBM for our Publishing interview. Barai to the max. THE MAX. But worth it.

Also, it was my first time designing the logo for an event 🙂


Sekarang kena tulis laporan post-mortem pula.

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