Goodbye Lendu, Goodbye Alor Gajah, Goodbye Melaka

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I have officially gone through four semesters of my diploma in Lendu (or formally, UiTM Alor Gajah). The fifth one will take place in Rembau (though I’m secretly hoping aliens take over that campus, because I do not want to go).

Here’s a not-so-brief reflection on my experience as a university student in Lendu.

Semester 1 was about independence.

Jun 2015 – Okt 2015: I was finally a university student! I’d been waiting for this moment my whole life, to be freeeee! So many things to do and places to explore. If I had nobody to go with me, I’d go myself, without a single care in the world. Best gila dah tak payah bangun pukul 6 pagi untuk pergi kelas, tak payah pakai baju sekolah, tak payah tegangkan cadar (kalau tak nanti LDP (pengawas) panggil nama waktu roll call). Boleh keluar sesuka hati kalau takde kelas (or even waktu kelas pun boleh… no one’s gonna stop you lol, but I’m a good student so I never did that).

I also learned what it’s like to have housemates in an apartment, a slightly different experience from hostel life in MRSM. I found myself getting way higher marks and grades than I ever got in school, and it was a strange experience. Guess that’s what happens when you study a field you actually like. Discovered and joined Jawatankuasa Penggerak Masjid (JPM), which would become very beloved to my heart. Thanks to them I was involved in awesome programs like usrah, bengkel kepimpinan, lawat rumah anak yatim, ceramah, etc.

One of the best days of my life was one day before my 18th birthday, when I rode the bus back to KL (I’ve been wanting to ride the bus for years, tapi parents tak bagi). Also made one of the most important decisions of my life, which was to not follow my family when they moved to Japan. As a result of that, I began to live with my grandparents and had to learn to do a lot of things on my own. The best thing about leaving Sem 1 behind was leaving Kesatria, something I hated with every fiber of my being.


Semester 2 was about exploration.

Dis 2015 – Apr 2016: Saya tinggalkan apartment cantik Tun Sabariah dan berpindah ke hostel biasa di bawah. Tapi saya lagi suka duduk hostel biasa, hahah, dapat bergaul sikit. Lagipun makanan kat Bentara lagi sedap!

Sem ni dah boleh pilih sendiri nak ko-ko apa and I chose Public Speaking. Every session was wonderful. Applied to become Sekretariat/Seki MPP and got the position. Was exhausted because of two specific events, Festival Imarah Masjid (FESIM) and Cita-CitaKu Perfect 10 (CCKP10). Was in Biro Publisiti / Multimedia for both events… so, first time design buku program, lanyard, backdrop, etc. I did many exciting things for the first time, actually. Contohnya, buat montaj gimik Malam Mesra JPM. This semester was pretty exciting because of VIRAL, the biggest Mass Comm event ever, and under VIRAL was our Part 2 event, DECADE! (I wasn’t an AJK, but was still excited).

Kalau semester lepas saya takut nak masuk pagar UiTM selepas 11 malam (waktu curfew), semester ni at least dua kali saya masuk pukul 1 pagi lebih lol. Jangan contohi saya. Life is no bed of roses, had my fair share of woes and conflicts. And at the end of the semester, during finals, something unexpected happened (academic-related) and I had to muster up the courage to fight for my rights. But my GPA took a steep drop anyway 😦


Semester 3 was about development.

Jun 2016 – Okt 2016: Masa ni dah mula fefeeling macam senior, kahkah. Pergi exam naik kereta, bukan naik shuttle. I loved Sem 3 subjects a lot, to be honest. Buat short film untuk subjek CTU. Interview strangers untuk subjek Journalism. Buat business untuk subjek Entrepreneurship. Interview Jabatan Peguam Negara untuk subjek Public Relations. Buat instructions kat laundry room Kolej Tun Perak untuk subjek CIT.

LRT extension finally siap selepas 3-4 tahun menunggu, so I learned to biasakan diri naik LRT. I LOVE trains. I love Japan because of the abundance of trains. And I loved it even more when there was a LRT station, a three-minute walk away from Grandma’s house. Waktu Ramadhan dan Raya asyik naik LRT je dengan keluarga (diorang balik Malaysia for a few weeks).

For the first time ever tidur rumah senior kat KL dan melawat UiTM lain iaitu UiTM Segamat. Oh and sem ni jadi Amirah (penolong ketua) Biro Publisiti JPM dan makin aktif sebagai Seki MPP. Dah mula nak up. Kot. One of my favourite experiences with MT + Seki MPP was volunteering for Jom Ceriakan Suasana Mereka. Only had two semesters with them but those two semesters were very meaningful. Also I had a number of surprises on my 19th birthday!

UiTM Lendu memang banyak kisah hantu yang viral di media sosial. Personally, Alhamdulillah, saya tak pernah jumpa hantu selama empat semester haha. Kengkadang ada lah dengar bunyi pelik-pelik tapi buat donno je selalunya. Tapi kes rasuk memang banyak. Lagi-lagi waktu hujung sem 3.


Semester 4 was about responsibilities.

Dis 2016 – Apr 2017: Setiap minggu stress. Seriously! It all started during Week 1 when I lost my wallet and had to file a police report for the first time, penat jalan, tu pun nasib ada orang baik hati nak bagi tumpang bila dah jalan halfway… only to get a WhatsApp message from Grandpa ten minutes later telling me he found it. I was also very unhappy about getting Kolej Tun Puteri and tried every means to move back to Zon C, which Alhamdulillah I did! Got a room at Kolej Tun Hamzah with Alyaa (as usual) and my new Art & Design roommate, Ayin.

During Week 2, I was blessed and cursed with a position I never DREAMED of having, Ketua Projek for my class event. It was a huge event too – Join Awareness With Society (JAWS) 2K17. The stress went on for 10 weeks, haha. Which is why I barely had any time to blog. I also had to guide the juniors in Biro Publisiti JPM a lot as I’d be leaving soon (Mass Comm dah confirm pindah Rembau).

Subjek-subjek semester ni memang best walaupun memenatkan. Buat iklan untuk subjek Advertising. Pergi kilang buku untuk subjek Publishing. Belajar inDesign untuk subjek Graphic Design (the main reason why I wanted to study Mass Comm at UiTM). Was not a fan of the subject Comm Research but it was actually a thrilling experience interviewing people for a research topic I was passionate about: Instagram as a Platform for Emerging Visual Artists to Build their Brand.

And of course, Event Management which gave me THE headache of my life so far lol. But it was so worth it, belajar deal dengan orang, belajar macam mana nak beli/sewa barang untuk event, belajar nak survey dan setup tempat, belajar buat proposal etc. Not to mention my team and I did a totally cool national paintball tournament called PhantomStrike for our mock event.

I also did a number of reckless things this semester, because I’m a rebellious senior haha. a) Holidayed in Japan for a week right before midterms, b) the day after JAWS2K17 (selepas memang penat sangat sangat sangat sangat), my Publishing group and I set off for KL right after Subuh to interview ITBM, c) went to the Mizz Nina Show the day before Week 14 (minggu presentation) started, dengan assignment semua tak siap lagi, d) naik KTM waktu lewat malam balik Lendu sebab tersalah beli tiket bas. Dahlah kebanyakan pelajar masih kat rumah masa tu sebab Study Week. Nasiblah ex-jiran ada.

Memang gamble gais, but everything turned out great in the end.

Spent a lot of time with JPM during the last month. AGM (in which saya turun dan jadi mantan, so sad), Family Day (yang ni memang best gila), Jelajah ke UiTM Seri Iskandar (pun sangat seronok, we even went to Kelly’s Castle!) dan kem TAMRIN. It’s no surprise that they are one of the top reasons I don’t want to move to Rembau. I will miss them so much – the ukhwah, the ilmu, the experiences. May Allah bless you all.

Also sem ni ada exam 3 hari berturut-turut. Macam zombie dah saya ni. I also went through a boatload of emotional stress throughout the whole semester. But Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, last Friday I got the highest GPA I’ve ever gotten so far. Dah boleh kot apply Yayasan Nicki Minaj.



Cuma one thing I never did (that I expected myself to do) during 4 semesters at Lendu? Tak pernah jadi PMDS (fasi minggu orientasi). Tak pernah apply pun, sebab nak spend time dengan family waktu cuti sem. Ye lah, sepanjang semester tak jaga adik sendiri, tiba-tiba nak jaga adik orang pulak. Haha.

During my last day in Lendu I took a long walk through campus while settling some things. From Kolej Tun Hamzah, I went to ACIS and Masjid al-Hikmah and Tasik Tun Fatimah (plus Jambatan Goyang) and the library and KPP1 and KPP2 and the ATM and then took the shuttle to KPP3 and walked down Bukit Tonggek, lalu Jalan Karak, byebyed Bentara, pergi Unit Kolej, then naik tingkat 3 Tun Ali sebab nak jumpa kawan, and back to Tun Hamzah because my grandparents told me they were at Tol Simpang Ampat already.

It was 10 April 2017. It was sad, driving out of campus and driving out of Alor Gajah itself. It had been my home since 13 February 2013! Kebanyakan orang dari semester satu diploma duduk sini, tapi saya sejak Form 4 kot. Every place held a thousand precious memories. KFC (my first MRSM outing), Cool Blog, AG Sentral, KickStart, Dimensi, Aminah, Dataran Keris, kedai kunci, kedai gambar, klinik, hospital, bank, 7 Eleven, and so on.

I, I did it all.

I owned every second that this world could give.

Saw so many places, the things that I did.

Yeah, with every broken bone, I swear I lived. 

Goodbye, Lendu. Goodbye, Alor Gajah, Goodbye, Melaka.

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