The Power Of One Voice

Assalamualaikum wbt.


I made a friend when I was facilitating a summer camp in Melaka two years back. After the thrill of getting #Undi18 passed in Parliament, he decided to tweet YB Syed Saddiq about his frustration about unpaid internships.

University students are being called ‘manja’ and ‘mengada’ for wanting to be paid at least RM0.01 throughout their whole USUALLY COMPULSORY internship. Unpaid internships (especially from big companies) is basically modern slavery when you could be working at a mall for RM1500 per month.

Imagine somebody who lives is Kelantan or Perlis and has to look for work in KL – needing money for accommodation, utility bills, food, and transport. Dude – even JOBHUNTING ALONE costs a fair amount of money for travelling.

The tweet gained traction and gained a few couple thousand retweets, with many individuals venting their own disappointment and anger at unpaid internships. It caught the eye of YB Syed Saddiq who promised that he would fight for our rights.

And whaddya know? One week later, paid internships are BACK in ministries and government agencies! What a WIN for the youth. I think it’s pretty frickin’ amazing that technology gives us a platform to voice out to individuals who have the power to make a positive change. In this age of communication, silence is deadly.

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