Defining Happiness As A Young Adult

When you’re a young adult it’s really easy to get caught up in other people’s definitions of happiness, when you see what other people are doing in their lives.

As a marketer, I’ve learnt so much about how businesses sell you insecurity, telling you that you NEED to have X and Y and Z to feel complete. That’s how they make money.

If you’re satisfied freelancing doing what you love instead of getting a higher salary in a Fortune 500 company, carry on.

If you want to be the first in your small hometown to get into an Ivy League university even though everyone discourages you, go chase your dreams.

If your life ambition is to get married early and have 8 kids you will love unconditionally, go for it lol.

If you’re delightfully living your best life single travelling the world with good friends, ignore the peer pressure to find love.

If you’re happy driving an Axia or using an Android or renting a house when everyone else is telling you that you’re missing out by not owning a BMW or an iPhone or buying a house, you do you.

You are being told every day that This and This and This is important… stand your ground and say, “No, THIS is what’s important”. Remind yourself constantly to define happiness by your own terms (as long as you’re a responsible and decent human being of course), not by other people’s definitions of it.

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