CW: havoc

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Aku baru baca setiap post di WordPress Takahara Suiko, dan aku rasa macam hmmmmmm bosannya blog aku ni.
Ini pengubahan lirik lagu Havoc oleh Joe Flizzow, yang aku tulis tahun lepas. Tapi aku adalah edit sikit sebelum masukkan dalam blog ni.
HAVOC (noun: great destruction or devastation, ruinous damage)
budak subang jaya memang ada gaya
pakai iphone walaupun baru darjah dua
kalau tak hafal tiga kul pun tak mengapa
janji kat twitter ada sepuluh ribu follower
budak pj tak akan pernah letih
dalam bab bergosip dan memuja orang putih
masa bulan puasa setiap malam ponteng terawih
janji daddy belanja besar untuk makan moreh
budak damansara takkan kena marah
walaupun shopping macam kerabat diraja
family time, konon, semua layan phone saja
daripada beramal, baik berasmara
budak mont kiara tak mungkin jemu berpesta
makwe pakwe lebih penting daripada ibu bapa
harga prom dress yang beratus tak terasa
tutup aurat pun sebab ustazah paksa
budak kuala lumpur memang kaki glamor
berlumba-lumba mengejar kemewahan dunia
prada gucci armani coach lv dior
ke dalam lembah dosa ramai jatuh tersungkur
havoc havoc hav
havoc havoc hav hav hav
havoc havoc hav
havoc havoc hav hav hav
kan gua dah cakap gua

CW: the oh-so-tedious process of preparing coffee.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

My submission for MRSM Alor Gajah’s school magazine, 2014.

the oh-so-tedious process of preparing coffee.

home is where i do not have to raid every room on my floor in the hostel to find the kettle if it is not in the iron bay.

home is where i do not have to walk down three flights of stairs just to get tap water to boil, because 
the toilets of every other floor are undergoing renovation.

home is where there is a special plug socket allocated to the kettle, so there is no need to compete with those who want to iron their clothes or charge their phones. 

home is the place where i can make coffee at any given time – and the place where I do not even need coffee that much in the first place because I have the freedom to choose when I want to sleep or rise. 

but, the hostel is where i can find dozens of sachets of nescafe 3-in-1 in the store room, and because no one claims them even after i yell multiple times on my floor, i take the whole lot with a huge grin on my face and give half the sachets to my roommate.

By Arifah Husna, 5 Actuary

CW: aeroplane thoughts

Came up with this on my way back to KL, from Medan.

aeroplane thoughts

the veins of my hometown shrink swiftly
what do fancy cars and sky-scraping monuments mean
to birds who soar from this incredible height
they probably muse more on how beautifully
god has hung the sun and the stars

generous tiny shades of blue
unite to form one briilliant shade
so how can i point to where
the open sky goes to bed
or where the deep sea starts to rise?

we sigh endlessly about boredom
when it is us who refuse to
step outside of the cramped box we live in
and too often we forget that there is
an infinite array of things yet to be seen and done

how baffling to think
that humans have the treacherous belief
that this vast, beautiful universe
that we have not even completely explored
revolves around the insignifcant them

because when you walk on carpets of thick cloud
and watch the sun set on lakes and rivers
and fly above rainbows made of dazzling colours
and feel intrigued by countless wonders
everything beneath that it is not of concern