ART JOURNALING, My Beloved New Hobby!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Have you ever heard of someone keeping an art journal?


According to Mixed Media Club, “An art journal, or artist’s journal, is a book kept by an artist as a visual, and sometimes verbal, record of her thoughts and ideas. Art journals generally combine visual journaling and writing, to create finished pages. Every imaginable style, media and technique is used by art journalists.”


I’m too lazy to write a proper blog post, so I’m just going to quote an article by Maisy Wildermuth from the Odyssey online.

I had all but surrendered to my inevitable inability to journal until very recently, when I started seeing photos on Tumblr of people’s journals where the pages were not simply full of written words, but art of all kinds, intricate doodles and tiny paintings and magazine cut-outs and pressed flowers and ripped ticket stubs and song lyrics and hazy water-colored sunsets. That’s when I realized that I could put anything in my journal, not just written thoughts.


I started out by finding photos on Tumblr and other online platforms that inspired me, and I just let the creativity take control. Since I began art journaling only a few months ago, I have felt an amazing surge of creativity and inspiration flowing through me daily; now I finally have the perfect way to capture it.


The best part about art is that it can be anything and everything you want it to be. You don’t have to be “artistic” to let your creativity flow. There is inspiration everywhere, and everyone sees the world in a different way on different days based on different moods and experiences.


Art journaling gives you an opportunity to capture your feelings through more than just words, encourages you to think outside of the box. I can be clean and precise, or messy and full of intense emotion. It can be deeply personal and private, or light and fun, something you want to share with others. And that’s the best part: each page is a new start, a clean slate for new emotions, memories and materials.


That being said, I challenge everyone reading this article to find themselves a journal, a notepad, a spiral notebook, a binder full of printer paper or even an old novel no one wants to read anymore. Give it new life, preserve memories and, most importantly, let out whatever feelings or inspirations are pent up inside you, just begging to be released!


This is the beauty of art journaling — no rules, no protocols, no procedures. No need to colour within the lines or use rulers. You don’t have to be a pro sketcher or anything, anyone on earth can art journal. whether you’re a doctor or a teacher or a cashier. Your art does not even need to make sense. It is quite literally, pure self-expression and reckless abandon. You are not bound by chains and shackles.

So let it all out. Draw, write, colour, paint, cut, glue to your heart’s content. Suddenly you’ll have a use for all the useless tickets and receipts and flyers piling up in your room.

Some of my favourite art journalers on Instagram:

So many people choose unhealthy outlets to vent their pent-up emotions. Choose a constructive one instead.

And this is my new hobby.


This was my first art journal entry, back in February 2015. Follow my art account on Instagram, @constellites!

I Want to Create Stuff, But My Work Doesn’t Have That Special Something

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Have you guys ever wanted to try your hand at something creative? Drawing comics or writing poems or nature photography. Maybe you watched a short film on YouTube that touched your heart, or heard your friend play piano like a pro, and thought to yourself, “I want to create stuff too!”.

So you try.



It sucks. You failed. It turned out to be a disaster.

So you throw your hands up and accept that a gorilla is more creative than you. The end.

But I want to tell you a secret.




A quote from Ira Glass.


I love this quote so much! Because it is so, so, soooooo true.

The artists/writers/directors/musicians/creatives you guys love? They didn’t suddenly wake up one day with magical artistic abilities. Their work probably sucked too, in the beginning. They WORKED for the masterpieces they create today. For YEARS and YEARS maybe. They put in EFFORT and PERSEVERANCE to get to where they are now, WITHOUT giving up. And believe me, they have their own idols that they look up to in their field, and they want to make art just like them.

And it is never too late to begin. Go search about Grandma Moses. She only started painting at the age of 78. But she managed to succeed in a (very late) career as an artist!

I’ve always been into digital art. I’ve been toying around with MS Paint since I was around three, probably.


I drew that when I was nine. Ten years ago. I wrote ‘I finally did it!’ because at that time, I believed that I had successfully drew a character in anime/manga style.

Then, I uploaded some works online. And people commented. Err. Let’s just say they weren’t very nice. Hahahaha. (But then again, Gaia Online was meant for users 13 years old and above…)

But I still continued making digital art. After deciding that anime/manga style isn’t for me 😛



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wajarkah bidang seni diceburi oleh orang islam?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Pernah ada orang dalam linkungan umur 50-an cakap kat aku, “Kita orang Islam tak payah lah nak belajar seni [di peringkat universiti]. Belajar mengaji ke, apa ke, kan lagi elok”.

Aku malas pula nak cari gaduh dengan orang tua. Haha.

Beliau tak tahu yang aku dah bertahun-tahun berusaha untuk menceburi bidang seni. Bukannya saja-saja aku ambil subjek Pendidikan Seni Visual untuk SPM. I wanted it to mean something.

Firstly, pasal mengaji tu, kalau beliau merujuk kepada belajar dua, tiga kali seminggu dengan tok guru tu, rasanya seluruh umat Islam patut belajar. Tak kisah lah dia doktor ke cikgu ke makcik cleaner ke. Bukankah al-Qur’an akan memberi syafaat di Hari Akhirat kepada orang yang membaca dan mengamalkannya?

Kalau beliau merujuk kepada menghafaz 30 juzuk, mengkaji dan mentafsir maksud al-Qur’an secara formal di menara gading, agaknya beliau tak tahu yang peluang untuk mempelajari bidang agama secara mendalam sangat tipis bagi orang yang tidak mengambil Bahasa Arab untuk SPM. Tetapi tidak mustahil lah. Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih. Boleh je cari international scholarship. Boleh je cari IPTS yang rare yang tak mintak Bahasa Arab dalam syarat kelayakan dia. Boleh je nak pergi Darul Quran, graduate dengan CGPA yang tinggi dan mendapat gelaran hafiz ataupun hafizah, pastu sambung belajar kat Jordan / Mesir / Yaman dan sebagainya.

Kita perlukan ulama’, ustaz, ustazah, imam, bilal, sheikh, mufti, dan seangkatan dengannya untuk membimbing umat ke jalan yang benar.

Kita juga perlukan arkitek, penulis, diplomat, chef, pembuat perabot, dan tukang sapu sampah.

Tapi kalau nak jadi arkitek, kenalah buat layout bangunan yang sistematik. Pastikan tempat mengambil wudhu’ untuk perempuan dalam masjid tertutup dengan sempurna dan tidak menyusahkan kaum Hawa.

Penulis perlulah menulis tentang isu semasa dan perkara yang berfaedah. Diplomat haruslah menunjukkan akhlak yang baik kepada orang bukan Islam, dan menjadi pemimpin yang adil. Chef wajarlah memasak makanan yang halal dan memastikan dapurnya tidak kotor. Pembuat perabot boleh berfikiran inovatif dalam mencipta kerusi dan meja yang bersesuaian untuk kanak-kanak. Tukang sapu sampah tidak boleh leka dalam memastikan persekitaran yang disapu sentiasa bersih dan ceria.

Tapi dik, buat apa nak belajar seni? Setakat lukis-lukis, main dengan watercolour, takde faedah langsung! Macam budak-budak!

Perasaan tertarik kepada benda yang lawa merupakan fitrah manusia. Sesuatu yang outstanding akan menarik perhatian orang. Sebab tu orang belajar pasal pengiklanan, branding, psikologi warna, dan lain-lain.

Lihat gambar di bawah ni. Anda rasa nak beli majalah yang mana satu? Agak-agak?

App design is art. Road signs are art. Gadget design is art. Murals are art. Movies are art. Web design is art. Typography is art. Animation is art. Fashion is art. Furniture is art. Building layouts are art. Company logos are art. Billboards are art. Advertisements are art. The colour scheme of a kindergarten is art.

Life itself is art.

Kehidupan ialah seni.

Seni mampu — dan telahpun — mempengaruhi gaya pemikiran masyarakat. Tengoklah Zaman Renaissance. Jadi kalau karya seni mampu mendekatkan diri seseorang kepada Allah, apa salahnya?

A painter can depict the oppression going on in Gaza though paintings, thus inspiring the youth to find out more.

A graphic designer can encourage people to cover their aurah and read the Qur’an through clever advertising and brilliant posters.

An animator can help in producing a movie titled Muhammad: The Last Prophet for Badr International. This actually exists, actually. Watch on Youtube (Bahasa Melayu | English).

A web designer can make attractive yet convenient layouts for both computer and mobile, for an online campaign to donate money to victims of natural disasters.

A filmmaker can produce a film about how incidents such as 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo affect the lives of Muslims, and show the world that Islam does not promote ‘holy war’.

I could go on forever.

Did you know that Generation Z (kids born from the year 2000 and after – a.k.a. our FUTURE LEADERS) are stimulated by graphics and visual effects?

This is where art becomes even more essential.

Fardhu kifayah, in fact.

Sebagai konklusi, bidang seni perlu diceburi oleh orang Islam.

BONUS: Kepada semua orang seni atau orang tak berapa nak berseni di luar sana, apabila anda sedang melukis, mewarna ataupun membuat apa-apa aktiviti yang tidak berapa memerlukan deria pendengaran (contoh: membasuh pinggan, memotong kuku, mengemas bilik, dan lain-lain), dengarlah ceramah agama. Kat YouTube tu ada yang tak sampai empat minit pun, kalau nak buat kerja yang tidak mengambil masa yang lama. Sila rujuk post ini [link].

recent updates #3

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Bila aku usha account StatCounter aku, aku perasan ramai pula orang baca blog aku. Terima kasih semua! So, aku telahpun berhijrah ke WordPress. Kekok juga sebab sejak darjah lima/darjah enam aku guna Blogger dan Tumblr sahaja. Dan aku tukar url aku kepada ‘artsyfah’ sebab nak menaik taraf brand recognition aku. Huh? Brand recognition tu apa? Hm, siapa yang belajar advertising / graphic design / entrepreneurship tu tahu lah (…macam lah aku pelajar advertising / design / entrepreneurship).

Tapi bila aku import segala post aku ke WordPress, format semua berterabur. Terpaksalah aku edit satu-satu. Penat, k. Nasib baik HTML bukanlah sesuatu yang asing bagi aku. Oh well. Penghijrahan kan perlu pengorbanan.

So hari ni hari terakhir sebelum GST. Tapi aku masih tak dapat beli kamera yang aku nak ;____; *renung ke luar jendela, bayu pagi meniup lembut*

Hari ni juga hari jadi ke-47 ibu aku. Sempatlah jugak aku buat hadiah dia malam tadi.

Terima kasih Mummy sebab berfungsi sebagai jantung keluarga semenjak hampir 19 tahun yang lalu. Sorry for all our mistakes and I hope you can continue to inspire and raise us well. As they say, a mother’s work is never done. Make the use of the three years you have before you turn fifty. Heheh.

Had a really bad day at driving school, and spent nine hours there. Dah stress tahap maksima dan rasa macam nak bunuh orang je. Tapi syukur Alhamdulillah, aku jumpa seorang kawan dari MRSM dulu. Nasib aku pakai baju Gemilang SPM. Dari jauh dia dah nampak aku. Kami adalah berborak selama lima minit. Sekejap je tapi cukup untuk menghilangkan 90% daripada stress aku.

There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.” – Doctor Who