Kunjungan ke Tokyo Disney Resort

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Pada minggu lepas saya telah mengunjungi Tokyo Disney Resort. Saya dan keluarga telah menetap di Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel selama empat hari tiga malam. Inilah kali pertama kami duduk hotel Disney. Hotel tu yang paling murah tapi masih dapat benefit masuk park 15 minit lebih awal daripada pengunjung biasa yang tak duduk hotel. Tokyo Disney juga menyediakan perkhidmatan shuttle ke hotel.

Tarikh yang kami pilih pun strategik sebab ayah dan adik-adik saya dapat cuti Thanksgiving masa tu (23-25 November, Rabu hingga Jumaat). Adik-adik saya pergi international school jadi mereka ikut hari cuti US. Maksudnya kebanyakan rakyat Jepun kena pergi sekolah/kerja masa tu so Tokyo Disney takdelah crowded macam waktu weekend. Masa yang baik untuk pergi Tokyo Disney adalah hari kerja. Kalau nak crowd lagi sikit, pergi hari yang cuaca tak elok (tapi kena tahan lah dengan hujan/sejuk — jangan lupa bawa jaket tebal!). Bila saya pergi kali ni, queue semua pendek-pendek je sebab tak ramai orang! Ride Indiana Jones yang queue dia boleh sampai sejam lebih pada kebiasannya, kami queue selama 15 minit je.

Termasuk kali ni, dari tahun 2006 hingga tahun 2016, Alhamdulillah saya dah empat kali ke Tokyo Disneyland dan lima kali ke Tokyo Disneysea. Memang tempat paling favourite saya di Jepun! Sebab saya memang kaki roller coaster (dan seangkatan dengannya) dan memang peminat tegar Disney.

On Thursday, 24th November, Tokyo saw its first November snow in 54 years. Kebetulan kami dah beli tiket nak pergi Disneysea hari tu. So we got to enjoy the snow from 7am to 3pm! Takdelah lebat sangat, Tokyo Disney pun kat tepi laut jadi bila snow tu ‘touchdown’ je terus cair. It was both a blessing and a pain. My hands were super red and felt like they were gonna die. Also, my umbrella suddenly rosak and I couldn’t be bothered to buy a new one sebab yang dijual kat situ semua mahal dan terlalu besar. I also prayed Zohor in the freezing snow sebab malas nak jalan pergi Mermaid Lagoon (indoor). Tapi best weh naik Raging Spirits (roller coaster) dan Journey to the Center of the Earth (lebih kurang lah macam roller coaster) masa tengah snow! Tapi bila snow dah lebat sikit, Raging Spirits tutup sementara. Huhu. Saya pun tak sangka dapat tengok snow pada bulan November.

(Bukan video saya :P)

Pada hari Jumaat pula, Alhamdulillah, cuaca elok sikit. Dan kami pun pergi ke Disneyland! UNfortunately, they suddenly told us that on that particular day, Disneyland would be closing at 6:30pm (3 and a half hours earlier than usual) due to a special program. They never informed about it on the website, and they didn’t offer a refund or anything which was unfair and disappointing. They just said we could get after-6 Disneysea tickets for 2000 yen (usually 5400 yen for adults). Patutnya bagi masuk free… Dan kami tak masuk pun, in the end. Still, we had fun at Disneyland. My 9-year-old sister rode all the Mountain rides for the first time, and we even went on Splash Mountain and Space Mountain twice.

Apa beza Disneyland dengan Disneysea?

Kalau korang nak bawak budak-budak kecil, mungkin Disneyland lagi sesuai sebab rides dia bersifat lebih comel dan ‘jinak’ berbanding dengan Disneysea, terutamanya di Fantasyland. Dan of course korang wajib berselfie depan Cinderella Castle.

Must-rides for thrill seekers: Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Star Tours

Kalau korang dah pernah pergi Disneyland lain sebelum ni, baik pergi Disneysea kot sebab ia merupakan satu-satunya park Disneysea dalam dunia. Lagi satu, Disneysea lagi besar dari Disneyland so you have to do a lot more walking! According to my phone, I walked 25k steps in Disneysea and 20k steps in Disneyland. Selalunya kalau hari biasa adalah dalam 2-5k… itu pun sebab hantar dan jemput adik dari sekolah jalan kaki. Sekali sekala exercise lah sikit. Scenery Disneysea sangat-sangat cantik sebab ada Mysterious Island, Arabian Coast dan Mermaid Lagoon. ‘Suteki’ kata orang Jepun.

Must-rides for thrill seekers: Journey to the Center of the Earth, Indiana Jones Adventure, Tower of Terror, Raging Spirits

Kalau saya, of course lah saya recommend pergi dua-dua park jika berkemampuan dan berkesempatan. But personally I would choose Disneysea if I had to choose between the two.

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3 Lessons I Learned From Clearing My Room

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I am finally done with finals. I am finally done with Semester 3. I woke up this morning in my dorm room (well, my friend Fatimah’s dorm room actually because I spent the night there) and actually couldn’t believe I didn’t have to study today. What bliss ❤

My roommates know very well, that I bring a lot of stuff to uni. The first reason is because, I dunno, I am naturally like that. I suck at packing light even though I travel quite a lot. I’m always like, “But what if I need this?…”. The second reason is because I always dump my stuff at my house after finals and then fly straight to Japan, spend a month or so there, come back to Malaysia like one day before the semester starts, pick up all my things at my house, and drive back to uni. So….. yeah.

This semester I had the misfortune for my room to be placed at Level 3, the highest level of Kolej Tun Perak. My roommates left earlier than me — in fact, like all my friends left earlier than me. So I had to bring all my stuff down by myself.

I think it took about ten trips up and down? Maybe more. God knows.

I was really, really exhausted even after a few trips. All those flights of stairs. So I thought, what’s the use of all this sweat if I don’t receive any pahala for it?

I remembered that Habib Umar bin Hafiz once said, “Whoever opens for himself a door of good intention, Allah opens for him 70 doors of divine enabling grace [tawfiq]“.

So I tried to renew my intentions (niat) for clearing my room.

  • To be a good servant of Allah.
  • To make it easy for the makcik cleaners to do their jobs. Some irresponsible people tend to simply leave their stuff and bags of trash lying everywhere.
  • To not put burden upon my grandmother who is old, frequently gets headaches, and struggles with staircases. She might feel the need to go up until Level 3 to help with clearing my room.
  • Going up and down the staircases as a form of exercise to be healthy and fit after spending too much time at the study table for the past few weeks.
  • So that I know the meaning of hardship and learn to truly appreciate the invention of elevators.
  • What goes around comes around, so, I hope that by making things easy for people, people will make things easy for me.

Remember to renew your niat. For anything and everything. At the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. So that nothing you do in this world will feel useless.

Also, second thing, I was annoyed that some people had their little siblings helping to carry their stuff like cute little dwarves and then there was me, struggling alone.

But then I remembered that famous hadith when Fatimah r.a. asked the Prophet if she could have the assistance of a maid to help her with overwhelming house chores. And this was his reply:

Shall I not teach you something better than what you asked for? When you go to your bed, say ‘Subhanallah’ thirty-three times, ‘Alhamdulillah’ thirty-three times and ‘Allahuakbar’ thirty-three times. That is better for you than a servant.” [Sahih Bukhari: 3502 and Muslim: 2727]

(By the way, that hadith does not mean that it is forbidden to have a maid or live in luxury. Do watch this video, ‘What’s Too Extravagant?’ by Nouman Ali Khan if you have time.)

But anyway, I tried doing just that. And suddenly the work didn’t seem as tiring as it was just now. Like, seeeeriously. MasyaAllah 😀

Thirdly, a friend left two bottles of water in my room. I was sooooo tempted to just leave them there. Dahlah barang aku dah banyak, tengah penat dan berpeluh level 5000, kena fikir pasal barang orang pulak. But luckily He gave me hidayah to actually bring the bottles down to the ground level, water some plants, and then throw the empty bottles at the rubbish dump.

Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah’s Apostle said, “There is none amongst the Muslims who plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, but is regarded as a charitable gift for him“. [Bukhari]

Charity (sedekah) is way more than just money. Time, energy, encouraging good and even preventing wrong is charity. And the best of charity is when you give something that is dear to you. “You cannot attain to righteousness unless you spend (in charity) out of what you love (Surah ‘Ali Imran [3:92])”. Meaning, let’s say you’re like a billionaire with ten luxury cars, and it wouldn’t hurt you at all to give RM5000 per month to your kids. But perhaps free time is precious to you because you’re always so busy thinking about work. Yet you choose to spend that free time with your family. That is charity.

In this case, my charity was my energy. May Allah accept it.

Basically, three things I want to remember from clearing my dorm room today.

  1. Always renew intentions
  2. The importance of zikr
  3. Give what you love in charity


I write this post not because I want you to think highly of me. Believe me I do not act like this every day. Most days I have a horrible, negative personality.

So why am I posting this for the whole world to see? Not everyone who will read this post will read it wearing rose-coloured glasses. There will be people who will think things like, ‘eleh, Arifah tu acah je baik dekat blog dia bla bla bla padahal in real life bla bla bla’. (But really, I don’t blame them if they think that way).

I guess I could write this in a secret diary and tuck it away from the rest of the world. Pastu boleh lah saya rasa syok sendiri secretly believing that I am a good person because ‘tak riak’. But I won’t. Because I truly believe that sharing good things, especially writings, can inspire people. And I hope it inspires you, dear reader.

But most of all, I hope it inspires ME when I read this post in the future, when I’m going through rough times and forget about little things like these.

Definition of Home

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Gambar ditangkap pada waktu Subuh semasa Lendu dilanda jerebu tebal.

Aku nomad. Aku hidup berpindah-randah. Jasad dan jiwa aku takkan pernah kekal kat satu tempat.

Berkali-kali aku tukar sekolah rendah, berkali-kali aku tukar sekolah menengah. Paling lama aku duduk kat satu sekolah pun tiga tahun (dahlah aku benci sekolah tu lol). Toksah cerita pasal sekolah lah… I went to two KINDERGARTENS.

I even went to two driving schools… hahaha. Don’t ask.

As far as I remember, I’ve lived in six houses and two hostels. In three countries. Macam-macam orang aku kenal. Macam-macam pengalaman aku dapat.

When it’s time to go, I go. I accept it when those who used to be close to me, grow further away and rarely keep in touch. We’re growing older and our priorities change.

Attachments are irrelevant. Flowers wilt. Goals change. Phases end. Trends fade. People die. But always appreciate what you have.

I don’t even have a proper house right now. What’s the point of having a house if there’s no one there? My parents and siblings are abroad. I hover between uni and my relatives’ houses. Macam jerebu.

So, what makes a place a feel like home? For me, it’s when the people around me love Allah and His Messenger. And when the syariah stands tall. It’s true.

I am not a good person but if I can have that everywhere, then anywhere can be my home.

A Shoutout To Young Muslims: Let Us Be Strange

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

This article of mine was actually featured on a certain website, but for some reason all the entries got taken down. Therefore I am re-posting.



On February the 10th, 2015, there was great uproar when three Muslims were tragically killed in their own home. After the Chapel Hill Shooting, the names Yusor Abu-Salha (21), Razan Abu-Salha (19), and Deah Barakat (23) were constantly being mentioned by both Muslims and non-Muslims from all over the world.

These precious souls were so much more than just three random Muslims who happened to be shot dead by a white American atheist. He could have killed any hijab-clad woman or any guy with a turban and a beard, but it was fate that he chose them in particular.

Yusor and Razan devoted their free time to good causes and strived hard in school. They proudly wore the hijab and volunteered for soup kitchens – they left an inspiring legacy. People from all walks of life out there now see them as role models. At the funeral, their father was said to have spoken the words, “Raise your kids in a manner that you won’t feel sad when they die, but proud and happy.”

And what are the odds of a murder victim’s last Facebook update being a photo of him and his team providing free dental supplies and food to homeless people in downtown Durham? Incredibly low, but Deah nailed it! He put a modest goal of $20,000 for his fundraiser, but I am positive that many Syrian refugees in Turkey and others will benefit from the $530,001 (as of 26 May 2015) successfully collected for the Project Refugee Smiles. Subhanallah – reaping rewards even after death!

Our three winners were so young, and to the naked eye, they died in a state of goodness. They put us to shame. Could we say the same for ourselves if we were in their place instead on that day?

Many people attribute the youth to being distant from the Deen, as there are so many distractions and temptations calling out to us, taking us by the hand. But we, young members of society, we are powerful. We are future leaders, and we have the potential and passionate energy to burn bright. Should we truly embrace the teachings of Islam, we can help to spread positivity and hope to the ummah.

But there’s one huge problem – we’re terrified of not fitting in with the crowd.

I mean, come on. Why would you want to spend a Saturday night reciting Arabic nonsense you don’t even understand, when you could be at your favourite pop star’s concert? Why would you cover up your body modestly when wearing a miniskirt could probably get you a thousand likes? Why would you bother to go through the embarrassment of excusing yourself from class to do yoga movements on a mat? It does not make sense.

I would highly recommend watching Nouman Ali Khan speak about Three Reasons Make Some Born Muslims Atheists to help the ummah detect why the youth not only have no interest in Islam, but are creeped out by it and try to distance themselves as much as possible from bearded men. It’s a very insightful video, plus Ustadh refers to his own experience as a Muslim youth who was wary of Islam.

But remember, mankind was put on this earth to become khalifah and to worship Him. That is our main purpose.

Rasulullah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Islam initiated as something strange, and it will revert to its (old position) of being strange. So, glad tidings to the stranger.”  [Muslim]

Being young, we are very self-conscious of what other people think of us. We desperately follow the latest trends and embarrassingly refresh our latest selfie to see how many comments it got in the past three minutes. It’s extremely messed up, if you think about it. Face it, one day we will all be in our graves completely alone. Without our family and friends, enemies, clothes, cars, gadgets, or likes. So why do we care so much what humans think of us? Why do we give our souls away to unimportant, worldly things?

There are 2.1 billion Muslims on this earth today, but most of us are like the foam of the sea – we follow the flow mindlessly.

Sometimes we genuinely do want to get closer to Allah, but we are put down by our own family, friends, teachers, co-workers, and etc. It’s even more depressing when they are Muslims themselves.

The solution to that is to have a strong sense of individualism inside us, at the very core. Firstly, we have to really get to know Allah, our Creator. When we dive into the depths of the knowledge of Islam, we gain an understanding of His rules and the hikmah behind them. Once we truly love Allah, we would do anything for him, including humiliating ourselves in the public eye. We’ll find the strength to turn down temptations such as parties, smoking, and drinking, etc. But we actually wouldn’t care about that much if we imagine ourselves reaping the fruit of our good deeds!

We should also surround ourselves with people who are strange, and by strange I mean willing to defy social norms to please Allah and only Allah. Don’t birds of a feather flock together? Once you find your flock, you will feel an almost impossible amount of happiness – that you are befriending people with ultimate sincerity and with the hope that you will enter Paradise with them. They will motivate you to do good, and you have to motivate them to do good also. Politely decline social gatherings which aren’t that important. Stop hanging out so much with friends who love involving themselves in the haram, but be nice to them and give them advice.

Lastly, invite others to do good. Be the thing that pushes them to Islam, and not away from it. Don’t be judgemental and arrogant just because Allah hasn’t shown them the light yet, or because they sin in a different way than you do. If a friend criticizes you for worrying about wanting to complete your prayers early, patiently explain to them the benefits of doing so. If an auntie makes fun of you for reading du’aa before meals, tell her that the food comes from Allah and you wish to obtain the barakah of the meal, not just a full stomach. If a non-hijabi asks why you would cover your beautiful hair, smile and tell them how Islam treats its women like royalty. You have to slowly but surely learn the art of doing this, because isn’t dakwah an obligation to all Muslims?

So to you who is reading this, let us not conform to society’s ridiculous expectations. Let us defy the worldly status quo. Let us be strange.

bucket list.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

For some reason I am feeling super-ambitious this week. I decided to compile myself a bucket list, career-wise.

a) Attend international forums, and as the years go by, speak at international forums.

b) Do an internship or get an actual job at a major company in the creative industry. Adobe? 

c) Make my Grandma’s original keropok bawang a national delicacy.

d) Become fluent in Arabic.

e) Do humanitarian work.

f) Indulge in the arts. Design. Advertising. Film. Poetry. Spoken word poetry.Etc. Integrate Islamic values in my work.

g) Get a Master’s degree or a PhD and become a lecturer at a national university.

h) Start a publishing company concentrating on contemporary Islamic fiction.

Deep down inside, I am sure that Malaysians are worth much more than novels beginning with ‘Suamiku ………….’.

Please, guys. I really want to believe that, in the near future, there will be novels about:

  • Detectives and thrillers. How about ‘Misteri di Makkah’?
  • Science fiction — how about someone accidentally using a time machine to travel to the years before the end of the world?
  • How an orang Asli discovered Islam and convinced his whole family to revert.
  • The memoir of a Malaysian Muslim who lived in New York during 9/11 and had to deal with the aftermath of it.
  • Young adult literature. Like a coming-of-age story about a girl who decides to wear hijab.
  • Someone who lives a conflicted double-life as a student of religious knowledge and a prostitute.
  • DECENT romance novels. Have you ever read anything by Hlovate?

i) Launch a Malaysia-based Islamic multi-author blog with articles exclusively in English (think ProductiveMuslim, MuslimMatters, etc!).

I have known two types of Muslim youth in this country, Type A and Type B.

Traits of a typical type A: lives in an urban area, has experience living overseas, isn’t fluent in Malay, sees Bahasa Melayu and Pendidikan Islam as weak subjects in school, speaks English at home, is scared of religious authorities, has negative opinions of people wearing tudung labuh, often comes from wealthy background, sees Islamic rulings as petty and irrelevant, sees nothing wrong with touching/holding/hugging opposite sex, has very liberal opinions, looks down on Type B, etc.

Traits of a typical type B: lives in non-urban area, is scared and/or hesitant to speak English, the words ‘amboi’, ‘omputeh’, ‘kafir’, and ‘bajet’ comes to mind when thinking of English-speaking Malays, thinks all Christians and Jews are out to get Muslims, believes that studying in Western countries will corrupt Muslim minds, is horrified by thick English reading materials, tends to be unambitious, has very conservative opinions, looks down on Type A, etc.

I want to launch this blog in order to help Type A, Type B, and everyone in between. In the hope that Type A will become more interested in Islam and see how beautiful it is. So that Type B will not see English as an evil, demonic language and open more doors for them to see the world.


Well, I might die tomorrow. I may not ever achieve any of these goals – especially the huge, huge dreams. I’m just putting it out there in the hope that somebody will. But before that, I will make sure that I have the intention to achieve them, and that I will work hard.

wajarkah bidang seni diceburi oleh orang islam?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Pernah ada orang dalam linkungan umur 50-an cakap kat aku, “Kita orang Islam tak payah lah nak belajar seni [di peringkat universiti]. Belajar mengaji ke, apa ke, kan lagi elok”.

Aku malas pula nak cari gaduh dengan orang tua. Haha.

Beliau tak tahu yang aku dah bertahun-tahun berusaha untuk menceburi bidang seni. Bukannya saja-saja aku ambil subjek Pendidikan Seni Visual untuk SPM. I wanted it to mean something.

Firstly, pasal mengaji tu, kalau beliau merujuk kepada belajar dua, tiga kali seminggu dengan tok guru tu, rasanya seluruh umat Islam patut belajar. Tak kisah lah dia doktor ke cikgu ke makcik cleaner ke. Bukankah al-Qur’an akan memberi syafaat di Hari Akhirat kepada orang yang membaca dan mengamalkannya?

Kalau beliau merujuk kepada menghafaz 30 juzuk, mengkaji dan mentafsir maksud al-Qur’an secara formal di menara gading, agaknya beliau tak tahu yang peluang untuk mempelajari bidang agama secara mendalam sangat tipis bagi orang yang tidak mengambil Bahasa Arab untuk SPM. Tetapi tidak mustahil lah. Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih. Boleh je cari international scholarship. Boleh je cari IPTS yang rare yang tak mintak Bahasa Arab dalam syarat kelayakan dia. Boleh je nak pergi Darul Quran, graduate dengan CGPA yang tinggi dan mendapat gelaran hafiz ataupun hafizah, pastu sambung belajar kat Jordan / Mesir / Yaman dan sebagainya.

Kita perlukan ulama’, ustaz, ustazah, imam, bilal, sheikh, mufti, dan seangkatan dengannya untuk membimbing umat ke jalan yang benar.

Kita juga perlukan arkitek, penulis, diplomat, chef, pembuat perabot, dan tukang sapu sampah.

Tapi kalau nak jadi arkitek, kenalah buat layout bangunan yang sistematik. Pastikan tempat mengambil wudhu’ untuk perempuan dalam masjid tertutup dengan sempurna dan tidak menyusahkan kaum Hawa.

Penulis perlulah menulis tentang isu semasa dan perkara yang berfaedah. Diplomat haruslah menunjukkan akhlak yang baik kepada orang bukan Islam, dan menjadi pemimpin yang adil. Chef wajarlah memasak makanan yang halal dan memastikan dapurnya tidak kotor. Pembuat perabot boleh berfikiran inovatif dalam mencipta kerusi dan meja yang bersesuaian untuk kanak-kanak. Tukang sapu sampah tidak boleh leka dalam memastikan persekitaran yang disapu sentiasa bersih dan ceria.

Tapi dik, buat apa nak belajar seni? Setakat lukis-lukis, main dengan watercolour, takde faedah langsung! Macam budak-budak!

Perasaan tertarik kepada benda yang lawa merupakan fitrah manusia. Sesuatu yang outstanding akan menarik perhatian orang. Sebab tu orang belajar pasal pengiklanan, branding, psikologi warna, dan lain-lain.

Lihat gambar di bawah ni. Anda rasa nak beli majalah yang mana satu? Agak-agak?

App design is art. Road signs are art. Gadget design is art. Murals are art. Movies are art. Web design is art. Typography is art. Animation is art. Fashion is art. Furniture is art. Building layouts are art. Company logos are art. Billboards are art. Advertisements are art. The colour scheme of a kindergarten is art.

Life itself is art.

Kehidupan ialah seni.

Seni mampu — dan telahpun — mempengaruhi gaya pemikiran masyarakat. Tengoklah Zaman Renaissance. Jadi kalau karya seni mampu mendekatkan diri seseorang kepada Allah, apa salahnya?

A painter can depict the oppression going on in Gaza though paintings, thus inspiring the youth to find out more.

A graphic designer can encourage people to cover their aurah and read the Qur’an through clever advertising and brilliant posters.

An animator can help in producing a movie titled Muhammad: The Last Prophet for Badr International. This actually exists, actually. Watch on Youtube (Bahasa Melayu | English).

A web designer can make attractive yet convenient layouts for both computer and mobile, for an online campaign to donate money to victims of natural disasters.

A filmmaker can produce a film about how incidents such as 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo affect the lives of Muslims, and show the world that Islam does not promote ‘holy war’.

I could go on forever.

Did you know that Generation Z (kids born from the year 2000 and after – a.k.a. our FUTURE LEADERS) are stimulated by graphics and visual effects?

This is where art becomes even more essential.

Fardhu kifayah, in fact.

Sebagai konklusi, bidang seni perlu diceburi oleh orang Islam.

BONUS: Kepada semua orang seni atau orang tak berapa nak berseni di luar sana, apabila anda sedang melukis, mewarna ataupun membuat apa-apa aktiviti yang tidak berapa memerlukan deria pendengaran (contoh: membasuh pinggan, memotong kuku, mengemas bilik, dan lain-lain), dengarlah ceramah agama. Kat YouTube tu ada yang tak sampai empat minit pun, kalau nak buat kerja yang tidak mengambil masa yang lama. Sila rujuk post ini [link].


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Yesterday night I realised I am 75% more likely to recognise a Malaysian blogger / YouTuber / Instagrammer / Twitterer / visual artist than a Malaysian singer / actor.

Well, that’s probably because I’m not a huge fan of the Malaysian music industry. I fancy the Malaysian TV/film industry even less. Seriously, I’ve shown Japanese, British, Hindi and American movies to my cousins and siblings but not even one Malaysian movie. Unless you count, like, Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula (the Upin and Ipin movie) — which is an impressive stepping stone for animation in this country, by the way! However, both industries are s l o w l y but surely improving.

But I prefer to read blogs, watch vlogs, and like Instagram photos of, ta-da, MALAYSIANS!

So I was shocked when someone in a WhatsApp group mentioned Aiman Azlan and most people who replied didn’t know who he was. He’s Aiman Azlan. Then again, if I were to bump into Ziana Zain in public, I probably wouldn’t recognise her. Honestly.

This question is for all the bloggers out there, including myself. Not necessarily in just blogging, but any form of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Quora, Blogger, WordPress and etc.

Before you post to the internet, where anyone with internet access can read it, ask yourself,

“What is your intention in posting this?”

Is it to enlighten the public on social issues?

Is it to vent about your stupid boss?

Is it to spread dakwah and love?

Is it to show off your luxurious clothes and cars?

Is it to help SPM leavers know about their options?

Is it to make people jealous of your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Is it to raise money to help war-torn countries?

Is it to criticise an innocent group of people?

Is to help people undergoing depression and PTSD?

Is it to highlight useless celebrity gossip?

Think carefully, guys, especially my brothers and sisters in Islam. The core reason of us posting, should be to please Allah s.w.t. If you need to type your frustration away, do it on a private account or on Microsoft Word.

I shall also try to post things that are more beneficial Insya Allah. From next week onwards, I will aim to post at least one fictional story and one poem in one week.